what you you gents do with old projects?

I eventually pull the drivers and other parts and put the cabinets on the curb and they just disappear. Might be the little people. I buy a lot of speakers for $5 and $10 a pair that have rotted out woofs, pull the tweets and chokes and put those out and you know what? They are soon gone too. I always expect my wife to stop me and say these valuable objects are too good to put on the curb, but so far she has surprised me and said nothing.
i also buy speakers with rotted foam for 5-10 dollars at thrift stores. right now i have 3 pairs of early advents 1 pair ar 4x's some infinitys, jbls, epicures, klh's ect ect ect only prblem is i hate to get rid of any of them and i have two closetes full of speakers. i did give away a big pair of jvc speakers that were the first ones i ever replaced the foam on and after the cabinets fell apart on a pair of klh's i pulled the drivers and tossed the cabinets. my wife would love it if got rid of all the audio stuff but i keep tellin her that it was here first :D

Old projects?
I put the old stuff on my video system. It's not as good as my main stereo, but I'm not as picky about the sound of Harrison Ford's voice as I am about the sound of a saxophone.
Currently, I have my old subs handling explosions and such: 4 x KEF B139 per side under my old Rogers LS3/5As. The sub channel gets another 4 x KEF B139s (different cabinet design entirely) that I built for a friend of mine years ago. He got divorced, and the sub made its way back to me, kinda like those stories you hear about dogs travelling a thousand miles to get home. The surround speakers in back are recycled also--a pair of old ADS 300-Cs.
I keep threatening to hook the video stuff to the big system, but the size and weight involved tend to be daunting.