What is the Universe expanding into..

Do you think there was anything before the big bang?

  • I don't think there was anything before the Big Bang

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  • I think something existed before the Big Bang

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  • I don't think the big bang happened

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  • I think the universe is part of a mutiverse

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2003-04-26 10:25 pm
Mathematic, maths and math are uncountable nouns (we cannot count "maths", but we can count "maths books") which we usually treat as singular and which are used with a singular verb - like "does" or "is".

We don't say math "are" my best subject, we say math "is" my best subject.

I don't think "All math..." makes sense since math is not countable, but I'd use "doesn't" with it. However "All math books..." would make perfect sense and would be used with "don't".

Yes, I pieced the above together courtesy of an internet search! You may be able to google different interpretations - it's a jungle out there! :D
I really ment "all math constructs" ...

But I see why I didn't ace the test - I bobo'd on the subjective :)


All math constructs don't describe reality.


A search happen to hit both aspects of this sub-disucssion :-D


Recently, I read that Dark Matter WIMPs may have a mass as small as 1E-22 eV and as high as several solar masses. The lower value is within collider energy capabilities but the latter is impossible to achieve. Colliders have eliminated most (?) energies which they can produce.

Does Dark Matter really exist, or is it a scientific hypothesis favoured because it simplifies most cosmic hypotheses?


2018-04-17 6:50 pm


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2009-11-30 10:04 pm
It would appear from your link, TNT, that the new XENONnT detector has proved more sensitive than its predecessors.

This offers greater potential for detecting hypothetical dark matter particles, as well as solar neutrinos.

More details of the Xenon Dark Matter Search Experiment are in the link below.

http://xenon.fis.uc.pt/#:~:text=The XENON phased program The XENON Dark Matter,are known as WIMPs (Weakly Interactive Massive Particles).
Is that the same apparatus the Ghost Busters use?


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
Does Dark Matter really exist, or is it a scientific hypothesis favoured because it simplifies most cosmic hypotheses?

The survival of our best model of the universe, the Lambda-CDM model, depends on the existence of Dark Matter to explain the anomalous movement of galaxies.

An alternative would be to eliminate the need for Dark Matter by modifying our existing gravitational theory - as suggested by MOND (MOdified Newtonian Dynamics).

The JWST may reveal additional details of the movement of galaxies that help determine which model best describes their behaviour.

What a rank bad post by TNT, IMO. Sorry. :mad:

A link provided without any reason, why should we be interested?

I have many demands on my Time. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are extremely interesting. I don't know if Axions, Right-handed Neutrinos or Black Holes are right.

But this sort of unscientific sloppiness should be banned if we are to make more Scientific Progress.

Sorry to rant. I am a proper Scientist and Mathematician. I base my ideas on Certainty, such as it is within Quantum Mechanics. In which the Schrodinger's Cat could be alive or dead.

Time for another terrific Physics Joke:

Two Librarians are examining the Library Floor:

"Why is it so clean?" says one.

"Well, we have recently employed a new cleaner called Kepler!" says the other.

"So how does that work?" says the other.

"Well, he sweeps out the same area each Night!" :D

Need I explain it?

Credit to xkcd.com for that one. https://xkcd.com/
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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
If only a link...

It helps enrich the thread when someone like you, TNT, comes up with a link that is worth exploring.

Steve's latest link is worth exploring - see the attached image. 📷

P.S. I guess that not everyone reads the links in full, or even in part.

That's why I like to extract the relevant information for easier consumption. It helps me get my head around the link's content if nothing else!


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2018-04-17 6:50 pm
In 2001 A Space Odyssey the line should have been "Oh my God, it's full of galaxies!"

Right on benb! :)

On its release, I had the pleasure of seeing "2001" in all its immersive glory at the Glasgow Coliseum - Scotland's first, and only, Cinerama theatre.

Many in the audience seemed puzzled by the "it's full of stars!" ending while I - of course - understood it perfectly! ;)

“I’m a scientific expert; that means I know nothing about absolutely everything.” - Arthur C. Clarke


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