What happens when you die?

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That's sad. It's the personal things, to me mostly the hobby things that sum up a person's free time pursuits that are melancholic.

My work always brings me through people's homes and often times its shortly after someone's snuffed it. Rooms get renovated, homes get polished for sale that sort of thing.

The things that have made me sad:

-Boxes and boxes of needlepoint pictures (what are they called?)
-A workshop where a guy made lots of little doll's house furniture.
-A room full of model airplanes.

Every time someone's like "oh we've gotta through out this junk!" But that was somebodies passion, it kept their threadbare worn sanity whole. I'm going to write in my will that my stuff get's encased in concrete and buried in the desert. That way in thousands of years someone will find it and it won't matter that it's junk because it's so old they'll have to treasure it!

"Who was this ancient craftsman? What significance did this "Boz Scaggs" hold for him? All this tonight on Nova."
A friend from high school calls me and tells me he has two semi trailers full of old military electronics. I can have all of the tubes for free if I help him unload and sort. I put over 100,000 tubes into a rental warehouse that I already have full of "stuff".

My father passed leaving a house full of "stuff" and two Volvos. It took almost two years of weekends to clean out the house since it is 100 miles away. Some of the usable "stuff" wound up in a second rental warehouse that we are paying for. My daughter gets one Volvo and I get the other. Both have since died.

The store where my wife worked went out of business. We get a lot of free "stuff". It goes into another storage facility.

Sherri's step father passes and we start the process of cleaning up the house. Sherri's mother gets cancer and was told she had 6 months to a year. The cleanup process accelerates but that house is 1200 miles away. I inherit a pickup truck with a camper which helps move thee "stuff". The house is 90 years old and really full of "stuff". Sherris mother is now in her 4th year of terminal cancer. There are good days punctuated with hospital stays. One of us is there nearly all the time. Each trip brings back more "stuff".


I am rapidly approaching 60 years of age and we have accumulated more stuff and projects than each of us can use in 5 lifetimes. The rent on the storage facilities keeps increasing. We are now paying about $2500 per year to keep the "stuff". My only offspring is a daughter who lives 3500 miles away. She doesn't know an ohm from a gigawatt, so she would likely call a liquidator to clean out the house, and the rental storage stuff would go to scrap.

We have decided to start the purge now! We need to reduce our expenses, and paying rent on "stuff" just doesn't add up. Three storage units is now two, and with luck will be one by the end of October. I believe Sherri is down to enough "stuff" to last the rest of her life, but I still have two lifetimes worth. 100,000 tubes is now 10,000. I have found projects stashed away that I built back in high school. They have been photographed and scrapped.

If you are as much of a pack rat as I have been. Think about "What happens when you die?"
I can also tell you this; cancer is an indeterminate sentence that steals your dreams not your stuff.

Yes, but it steals your ability to appreciate your stuff, and life in general. To a compulsive tinkerer, it is theft of your dreams.

I'm 57 I don't Want to think about it I just want to listen to my vinyl

I too am 57 (for a few more days) and that was my attitude until recent events have forced my awareness. This week I was reminded again just how easy it is to become unemployed. A few more of my friends were laid off. Finding an engineering job at this age is a long shot. Any employment will likely require relocation. Paying rent to keep your stuff when you can afford it is wasteful. Paying rent to keep your stuff when you are on a limited income is impossible. Moving it all, forget it.

The two realities that we all must inevitably face must be dealt with sooner or later. I have been a habitual pack rat for 40 years or so, so the stuff reduction plan is being phased in slowly.
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I have been a habitual pack rat for 40 years or so, so the stuff reduction plan is being phased in slowly.

Auctions are fun. We had one last year. A lot of stuff can go very quickly. As with other sales, it pays to promote, promote, promote. You want as many people there as possible, and you want those with a keen interest in what you have to sell.

Living in South Florida, you have a large population to draw from. Maybe even as far as Orlando. You'll never get as much as you want, but you'll get something. And no more storage fees. Find an auctioneer who specializes in the stuff you have. We enjoyed our auction.
The value of the vacuum tubes I've accumulated over the last twenty years is enough to cover my funeral expenses.

Not the ones that I had. I got about $1 per pound for the last load. Of course I kept most of the ones that anyone would actually use.

Auctions are fun. We had one last year.

Two trips with my Honda Element stuffed to the max went to an auction house. It goes on the block tomorrow night. Mostly antique knick knacks and sewing stuff from Sherri's former job.

I have a fairly large collection of old radios, maybe 50 radios from the 20's to the 50's, no high dollar stuff. The auction house said that they don't sell.
Moving home after a 40 year stay is a bit like death too ! Tons of stuff has to be thrown away. Especially all those mags and books that I think I will need sometime. Sometimes I need them a short while after they are disposed off ! Everyone screams at me for having scrap things dating back 20 to 30 years. But every once in a while I find bits that are useful and save a lot of additional expenditure.

Now I reall HAVE to throw a lot of things away as we are moving to a smaller ( much smaller!) place. I worry about all my tools and if I'll have space to store them AND use them to build things again !

When I die I'm sure they will just dump everything I have in a dumpster. Of course they will go laughing all the way to the bank to collect my money !:(

I must make a will so that all the test equipment / components at least goes to someone who can make use of it. I started on it a few years ago but then I got better so I postponed it !:)
Moving home after a 40 year stay is a bit like death too !

I have been in my house for 32 years. I don't plan to be here forever, so a move is inevitable, I just don't know when, or where.

anyone need an Atwater Kent Radio

I have one or two of them too. One had 6 01A's in it.

A Little more hassel but your junk is worth more on Ebay than at public auction

I have several hundred pounds of electronics that will be on Ebay in the next few weeks.
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