What do you think of PSS Audio?

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I have never heard about this company before and I have never seen any of these amps in use.
( The whole website a handwritten mess and full of anonymous praise about themselves - not a good sign for seriousity).

And how do want to "build" this amps ?

The schematics posted are without component values and seem to be just pencil-copied from an old textbook.

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Are you a fool a just a liar?

Pencil drawn schematics are made with ORCAD software but it is true that 25 years ago they were hand made as every big company did!

Unable to build an amplifier as there is no part list?

Just open your eyes and learn how to read the technical page and you will even found the drawing of the PCBs and of course their part list and even silk printing for all recent amplifiers!

Just saying anonymous good things about us?

Once again open your eyes, read the guest book (it is not anonymous as you can reach everybody by Email), and go to our distributor page too!

How can we be distributed in more than 60 countries if our amplifier were not of good quality?

I must say that your post is just miserable, but as everybody can browse our site and pull down everything about our schematics, I must say that you are also a liar.

Then how must we react while reading such nonsense and lies?

Just thank this person?


Just telling the truth and it was even confirmed by a happy user of our schematics.

Schematics placed on our website basically for helping our overseas distributors to get our amplifiers repaired if needed and as we are the only manufacturer to publish all our schematics with full part list and even silk printings and PCB drawings, any hobbyist can build his amplifier based on PSS experience!

Best regards



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Hey, guys from PSS Audio,

If you want to be angry and abusive tell us first who you are, what's your name etc., don't hide behind your company's logo.
And also this is not the place to express your anger, just be polite as most of the french men and women are, use your sense of humor, this way you may find some new friends. Agression is a no-no here because we all are peaceful people, discussing peaceful subjects.

Have fun, that's the main thing.


We are not aggressive but when we are attacked with such nonsense and lies, what must we do?

We are answering and when one says lies we just put him back at his place!

If you want to know more about us, just call our good friend Billy Mawer from NET in Sydney and he will let you know all the good things he think about us, me (YG) and PSS Audio!

Best regards

Yuri Gutsatz Jr.

Please, should this continue?
Only because of Klaus?

People, I know you are all fans of audio and good manners (I think it's this the word).

Sorry about my english, but I'm portuguese.

Messieurs, allons Y avec des bonnes manières.
Je pense qui ici c'est seulement por discutér le audio. N'est ce pas?

Now in portuguese:

O equipamento da PSS pode ser considerado como estável e de boa qualidade.

Best regards 4 all of U from

Pedro Martins - Portugal - 28 years old and 'polite' ;-))

As said previously we place on our web site our schematics and all technical information for our overseas distributors to get our amplifiers repaired.

That is why our amplifiers look industrial because they are industrialy made (just to answer someone else I do not remember his name, please apologize for it)!

It is true that each month about 2 Gigs of transfers are made out of our site from hobbyists and we often receive question about the DC voltage used for our amplifiers, as it is not placed on our pages!

We never answer this question, but if you have a good look at the values of the mains capacitors and their voltage in our part lists (yes they do exist to answer the guy who said that it was impossible to build a PSS amplifier as there was no part list) then you will know the voltage we use.

Make some calculation to know the power of the transformer and if you need help read our articles about power supply!

PSS amplifiers are from the AB class (this must give yon an indication about the global consumption on our amplifiers).

I hope this will help

Best regards from France!



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You are not far away but you also need the power consumption, as you must have a transformer that must handle a certain amount of power to drive both channels and each channel if you go into a dual mono as we do!


We do not sell any PCB (you will need the heat sink too) but as we place high quality control printings of each sides of our PCB you can manufacture it or get it manufactured quite "easily".

Keep in mind that all those diagrams, drawings are placed to help our distributors in their after sale servicing!

Best regards

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