What are you Watching?

We watched "The Gardener" on Netflix the other night -- about Francis Cabot and his garden in Charlevoix, Quebec. Being on the St. Laurence River, their temps are quite moderate in the winter. Recommended.

Will mention again "Hold Your Fire" -- documentary about a botched burglary of a sporting goods/gun store in Brooklyn in 1969. It is the "real NYC" of the late 60's.
I haven't quite decided where my next Cinematic adventure lies. Top Gun Maverick certainly looks exciting, but I hate hate heights. Where the Crawdads Sing is more intellectually challenging, set in the swamps of Carolina. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande has the divine Dame Emma Thompson looking for a livelier life. I shall be out and about for sure. A mere £4.99 for such intense experience. :)

Revisited French Arthouse Movies tonight:

Brilliant Movie, made in 2002. Two men bump into each other. Each deciding they would rather have had each others lives. The Hitman and Bankrobber wanted to teach Poetry. The Teacher wanted to visit the Wild West. Few people got the ending, but I did.
saakset 210722.jpg
We are terribly Organic in our Street. No foul chemicals put down in our gardens that might harm the birds. I even leave a regular dish of fresh water out for them, which they enjoy.

Birds have gone bonkers this year. We have loads of sparrows, tiny blue tits, robins, blackbirds and the usual dull magpies, pigeons and seagulls. Less evil cats about too, which must be good.

They have learnt to ignore me as a threat, and happily come within a yard of me! :D

Today's film at the local Portsmouth Vue Cinema was another £4.99 classic. "Good Luck to you, Leo Grande". I eschewed populist nonsense thrillers Thor and Maverick in favour of a small but delightful Arty film:

It's about a woman who wants to liven up her dull life.

At opening time I had the whole place to myself. How do Cinemas make money? But gradually 7 girls wandered in.

I can honestly say there wasn't a dull minute in this film, and only one script continuity error where a joke is repeated. Dame Emma produced a classic Luvvie performance, going from crazy frustrated Widow to Enlightened Soul. Daryl McCormack starts well organised, but has Demons of his own. All is resolved, and for the better.

Don't know what I will watch tomorrow. The listings are thin. Probably Top Gun Maverick, though I have a terrible fear of heights. It may do me good to overcome my worst fears. :cool: