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In around 2000 I separated from my wife.
My sons also decided to move elsewhere leaving me with my old dog who had lots of health problems.
In the end he was suffering quite badly so only kind thing to do was get him put to sleep.
The only thing that didnt abandon me I had put down.
I was heart broken.
Decided from then on going alone was best option.
So been alone for 20 years and running my own business now so kept busy.
I was approved for adoption at this shelter in the city https://www.felinescanines.org/ with a couple emails and a brief phone call. Imagine that.

Appointment slots are only 45 minutes, including paperwork. They claim to get 100 adoption inquiries a day. Who knew that cats were so much in demand? Evidently there's so much demand that they ship dogs and cats up from high kill shelters in Alabama. I guess they let their animals breed freely there. (You know I have a joke but it's against forum rules.) Up here the vast majority of domestic animals are spayed or neutered. You can buy cats from fancy pants breeders but they're sure expensive. Check this out https://dynastymainecoons.com/kittens/ If you have to ask then you can't afford them. I saw Maine Coons for sale listed from $2500 and up.
Same day if I can find a cat in 45 minutes.

I remember when I could just pop in at shelters and I was more than welcome. I adopted another cat from a shelter I had visited several times.

Back in the day it was easy to find a cat. There were always kittens available. I remember when alley cats used to visit me and try to move into the house. You know I let one move in. I guess you have to go south of the Mason-Dixon to find free range cats now.
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Many years ago I looked at their website. There were very few cats available for under $5000.

I had a Maine Coon that was born in 1989. They were recognized as a breed around 1960. They derive from barn cats in the harsh Northeast. The "Maine" in their name refers to the state of Maine. With their double coat they could survive as barn cats through the harsh Maine winter.

Paisley took weeks to bond to me. Every other cat I have ever known took 36 hours or less to bond to me. I wondered if she was ever going to bond but when she did she became protective of me. She was a "real cat" that took no guff (neighborhood dogs saluted her) and she patrolled the yard and house and literally killed hundreds (maybe thousands) of mice and a few rats too. She lived to be 21 years old.

And she didn't cost me a cent. I got her for free with lots of free vet care too. She only had three legs. That's why she was free and I was able to negotiate the free vet care. In spite of her only having one back leg, she was a real badass.
Well I just looked and prices are down from 15 years ago but breeding rights cost more than the cat!


Here's the cat that looked lke Paisley. She was 18 lb of muscle, ****, and vinegar. Yeah, she'd kick your *** if you were a dog that didn't act right.
I have been moved by your thread, Fast Eddie D. Terrifically honest.

Getting old is a pain in the backside. I am 68. Nothing works like it did when I was young! Aches and pains prevail, eyesight and hearing fail!

My Mother went largely deaf and lost her sense of balance at 40 due to a botched experimental operation for Meniere's disease, for which the modern cure is mere seasickness tablets "Stugeron", and eventually largely blind due to Macular degeneration.

She used to tell me it is a complete bore not to be able to read, or watch the television. But made it to 99. We was disappointed she didn't get the 100 year birthday card from the Queen.

I stay away from Doctors myself. Only sick people go to them! :p

But I have to question your difficulty in securing a pet! Surely the World is infested with homeless puppies and unwanted stray cats?

I have had many pets down the years. Fishes, Birds, Dogs, Cats. You have to care for them every day, which is the point.

system7 and poodle.jpg

Mother liked dogs. Faithful creatures that love chasing tennis balls. Always pleased to see you.

To adopt a cat, my advice is to put food out for the neighborhood strays.

Schmooby Scoffing.jpg

Feed a cat and it is yours for Life!

Schmooby Kipping.jpg

Happens this cat was neglected by its irresponsible and druggy owners. Far preferred our caring company.

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Funny you mentioned strays. Yesterday evening I was sitting in the yard. It was dusk. I thought I saw the silhouette of a cat in the shadows (my eyesight is terrible) but I thought I saw or heard my cat a thousand times since she died. I sat quietly and the silhouette emerged from the bushes and stood in the clearing. I said hi kitty and she came over and rubbed against my legs and meowed and purred. She lingered a few moments and then disappeared in the shadows again.

I don't think she's a stray. I think she's someone's pet. If she comes around again I will feed her. She's probably been watching me for a while. I sit back there every evening listening to jazz (Miles Davis and John Coltrane every night) and smoking buddah. I would sure adopt her if things work out.
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My neighbor came over yesterday evening and said she heard I was looking for a cat. She got a cat as a companion for her older cat and it didn't work out. She said I should take her and see how it works out, so I did.

Cookie is a 1 year old Calico mix. She slept on the bed with me all night, jumps on everything, and has already dug up one plant. She listens to me and comes when I call her. So far so good.

So just like that I have a cat. We're spending quality time today.
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Cookie is a 1 year old Calico mix. She slept on the bed with me all night, jumps on everything, and has already dug up one plant. She listens to me and comes when I call her. So far so good.

I'm so happy for you. For some of us, the joys a pet brings to our lives are immeasurable.

I lost Cleo, my Calico on July 2. I adopted her from my local shelter in March 2019.
She was with me for slightly more than 3 yrs. She died young from a heart ailment.
I didn't know she had a heart condition when I adopted her.
There was no mention of this in her adoption papers.

Since her demise, it has been very traumatic for me. Like yourself, she slept with me.
Losing her is like a chunk of me died.
I don't think I can adopt another cat.
If she goes before me, I seriously doubt I can survive the ordeal.