voice coil inductance


I wanted to open a thread but this one seems ok for this question :

So less voice-coil layers=higher inductance and what?

The question is for a 8" than can handle the bass till say middle of the medium towards 700/800 hz.

The littlier the inductance number at 1K hz, the easier the reactivity and "speed behavior" of the driver.

On a short list I made the inductance number can be very different and it seems it's about of the number of layers involved in the voice coil !

My basic understanding : the lower the Le means more layers ?

But some brands seems to like one layer max as often seen in Audax HDA drivers datasheets which are known for not to be the worst drivers on that planet !

However, this inductance is even worse as the frequency is going low, hence the often seen rule : choose the lowest inductance you can for the bass driver !

How much iportance is that Le number please for a 8" that will handle the 50 to 800 hz of a low size loudspeaker please with modern amps please ?

here 3 speakers I hesitate with for a circa 40 liters max cabinet for it in the price range I chosed :

Audax 8" aerogel cone material HM210Z0-8 Le= 0.47 mH 1layer voice coil or HM210Z12-8 Le=1.44 mH

SB Acoustics 23NBACS-45-8 (aluminium cone ; Le=0.38 mH

SB Acoustics 23CACS45-8 (aluminium ceramic coated ; Le=0.60 mH

Peereless HDS Nomex p-830869 Nomex mixed paper-polypro - Le= 0.61 mH

More or less close inductance but the one HM210Z12 with 1.44 mH ?? Bass ??? (aerogel is not the best for bass driver but has a good mix between claritty, tones softness above 100 hz...often) The Peereless is the less expensive 62 euros instead 80 to 94 euros for the others !

So how the Le matters ? I wanted at the beginning a sealed 0.5 Qtc design with a 8" but too much huge cabinet in that future "little 3 way classic" à la TG.

What, please, would you choose for a circa 40/50 f3 to 700/800 hz related to the inductance or the sound in that less than 100 euros list ina 40 l max cabinet.

Thank you about this inductance "problem" and/or your opinion with that drivers if heard it or if the datas are talking enough related to your experience..


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