Vandersteen 2Ci crossover repair

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Since the drivers in the speakers have VIFA model stickers on them, I will be using the present equivalent of the original drivers and replacing them as pairs. I will be using Vandersteen's cases and rebuilding its crossovers to follow the Vandersteen schematic, but with newer parts. So, I guess, I should be calling them " Joe's speakers" .

The end result will be nothing like the original. As already pointed out by others, you can't just swap out different drivers and expect the crossover to work as designed but then you have repeatedly ignored any advice about that so have fun with your "Joe Speakers"
New adventures

Yes, they will not sound like the originals, I never said or imagined that they would. But, even sending them back to Vandersteen, would not guarantee that they would, either. The speakers are 20+ years old, even Vandersteen does not have any original replacements for the blown drivers or crossovers. They would have to rewind the drivers themselves and there is no guarantee that the rewound ones would match the ones produced by the original manufacturer. Have you not rebuilt any electronics that the components were obsolete and you had to substitute newer models?
Just think about this:
You have been listening to a specific component for many years and like its sound. It finally dies and you take it for service. When you get it back from service and listen to it. Are you really comparing the sound to what originally came from the component or are you comparing it to the sound that it has been making for the last couple of years when all the components have been slowly aging?
Does it sound different? Sure. But, will it sound just like the new one you just took out of the box twenty years ago?
There a big difference between properly rebuilding a speaker and just replacing parts. You have no means to take measurements and that in itself is the biggest obstacle you face trying to get even acceptable sound from your finished speaker. The replacement drivers are not going to have the same frequency response or impedance, they may even have frequency peaks you will have to suppress. Good luck and adios.
Vandersteen 2Ci finished

Well, I have finished the repair and upgrade on the Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. Since I found out that Vandersteen had used VIFA drivers in these speakers, I replaced the damaged tweeters and woofers with the closest, present day VIFA drivers. I also completely built a new set of crossovers, using the Vandersteen ones as models. I chose to use better quality components than the original ones and so I had to mount the new crossovers on the back of the speakers in separate enclosures. All in all it turned out awesome.
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