USB to I2S : For Small Space .

easy but I don't believe if that junk is worth trying, you better take a look at CT7601

I'm looking for a usb to i2s solution to redesign an now obsolate (shortage) design with xmos.

Does the CT7601 works obligatory with CT7301 ?

There is no mention of performance of Comtrue IC, I read they are good but compared to a 'bit perfect' design with Xmos how it compet ? They are only one 12Mhz crystal needed so they should use an internal pll to generate audio clock for dac it's good for the bom but for jitter how it play ?

Thanks of you (or someone else) can help :)


2019-05-01 5:33 am
Anyone here from Savitech Taiwan or Cmedia .
I am getting mad for months now . Most flagship smartphone started removing 3.5MM headphone jack . Most USB Type C adapter's are **** or good ones doesn't push enough power even into 32Ohms cans .
Savi Audio has lots of solutions but they removed their usb audio page .
Datasheet are scare . Even if I had to sign a NDA I don't mind

I looking forward to help . Anyone here knows any small MIPS processor with built in ROM
CM108 may fit your need ?!
To make BOM cheap and keep performance great is the kind of art but make cheap junk, not a big deal )) When I chose 2.5mm jack and saw gold-plated one for 5 cents, I didn't check how much nickel-plated one - no reason. How many units need to sell to get a serious profit from 5 vs 4 cents BOM difference? I think it is ridiculous, if not to say shameful economy ))
I want to design a usb interface with SPDIF i/o 24bit/192khz.
Which chip do you think is more suitable for this today?
That tool to generate the firmware of the cm6631a enables the spdif input too?
Why is it so difficult to find any information about inputs?