URGENT! Dead Time Needed for Discrete Gate Driver

Hello all!

I have one week to finish my graduation project but there is a problem; shoot through

so i need a dead time circuit to overcome that effect

Please do not offer an external series gate resistor shunted by a reverse biased because of bad rise and fall times of output signal

Thanks in advance!


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Dead time

We designed a class D amplifier using discrete drivers for Nakamichi.
Your triangle wave signal drive line is the only place that you can place it

basically you run a comparator with a + and - theshold and only when the threshhold is exceeded can the output fets conduct.

The circuit is on an old MSdos printout so I need a fax to send to you


Stephen Mantz

Zed Audio Corporation



2004-11-26 6:32 am
Perhaps this can help: increase the rising time of the mosfets but leaving the turn off as fast as possible:
Instead of putting a resistor in series with each gate, put it connected to the NPN driver transistor. This way, when it activates, it passes current to the gate with the resistor in series (turn on), but when the PNP driver activates, it removes charge from the gate with no resistor in series.

Hope this helps.