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UK Suppliers of Transformers and Heatsinks

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Hi again

Hi again.

I have about 25 of them for sale. I also have Professioonally ande top, back , bottom and front plates. The front is in 10 mm black acryl. The rest is in 3 mm black eloxeret alu. I live in Denmark.



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Hi again

I just cheked in my workshop and the heatsinks are not quite as large as i remembered. They messure 380 x 150 x 25mm They have 57 ribs including the larger ribs in the front and back. The material has a thiknes af 5mm. Weight is 1.7 Kg a piece. They are new. I`m asking 200 DKR (27 Euro) a piece. I will ship annywhere. Byer pays actual shipping costs. They are able to disipate abput 150W a piece. If you make a cabinet with one in each side you will get 300W. Nice for a smaler stereo Aleph ore a bigger mono. If you use four in one cabinet (two of them inside the cabinet) it will cope with about 500W Nice for a big mono Aleph. The picture is of a cabinet i made with these heatsinks. It has an ekstra heatsink across for soupporting the 1.5KV transformer. The rest of the cabinet were made by a shop i 3 mm Black alu. The front is black acryl. If anny of you are interested in some cabinet parts (front.top,bottom,back) let me know



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OK some of you are interested. I am asking 200DKR for the front plate (10mm black Acryl) 300 DKR for the top/bottom plates (they are the same) and 200 DKR for the back plate.

These prices are for a complete cabinet, but you have to make the assemble it yourself. This means drilling holes in the heatsinks and making the thread with a tap. All nessesery unbarco screw`s are included. Also included is the ICE net input in the backplate with integrated fuseholder. The back panel also has two ready ready made holes for XLR terminals. Note:All the alu panel parts are prof CNC made parts in verry high quality.

Well - all for now. Feel free to ask if i forgot somthing.


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