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Uge Heath sink

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Hi there
I am looking to build one or 2 of the Pass Amplifiers.

I have found some large Heath Sinks from:
Heatsinks: 9000 Series - 9510HS

They quoted £260 each for a batch of 2

Or £120 for a batch of 10

By buing that quantity the price drops to less than half.

I am in for 4 and need some other members to buy the rest.

I am not doing this for profit my only gain is that I get them at a lower price.

Model is 9510HS size is 400 x 300 x 85 mm width height depth

Group Buy any one.

Hi reddish75

Well the quote is there for all to see.

Yes it is £120 for the "small ones"
The web site is :
Aluminium Heatsinks, Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Extruded products, Aluminium profiles - Birmingham Aluminium

The sink size is 400 width 300 tal and about 83 wide for the small ones

The larger ones are 400 X 400 X83.

I am avvare of Conrad only snag they are a bit far and I was hoping to find some one local.

I have enclosed the quote and the web site address please have a look at the site.

You can search for heat sinks by entering the C/W.

In my case I have tried 0.06 CW.

The same information is in the Balanced F5 tread

But I was looking to get one enclosure capable to work for the XJ100 and eventualy the A75.

Please look at the site and give me your opinion

Many tanks


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Hi chris
Tanks for the pointer to Conrad I have asked them for a quote
Their MF 35 is 350 wide they list 53 AUS for 150 lenght
If this stand and duble the lenght to 300 I supose we are looking at 106 AUS

Maybe the drop in price for 10 units will warrant the expense for delivery to the UK.

only snag there is a loss of 5omm on the orizzontal spacing, and the fins are only 45 tall.

Maybe I am making a mistake regarding the lenght and should go for 2 200 mm bolted togheter.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.