Turepath & Amp 2


Truepath is 4 layer board, while AMP2 is only dual layer, but it has 3oz. or 105um tick copper, which I like for high current amp.

Truepath is a TA3020 based amp, AMP2 is TK2350 based amp.

Both produce same output power, don't know if board of truepath is as good at high power as AMP2 is, probably is. With +/- 60V you will get 2x 400Wrms @ 4ohm.

They probably sound the same, but I can only say for AMP2 that it is just great and damn powerfull.

In AMP2 you will only need 5v aux supply + main for amp to work, while with TA3020 I think you need 5V,10V + main

Truepath and my AMP2


2007-12-25 1:06 pm
Two of them I make already .

AMP 2 > 1000VA Version



AMP 2 > 500VA Version



Turepath still building







My experience is , AMP 2 sounds better then Turepath , but Turepath power deeper and good control.