Tube curve tracer (Website)

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In order to propose usable tubes datas available at all, I have created a website to store tubes datas and curves.

The site is hosted at the following address:

From this site you can:
• Search a tube by name or electrical characteristics
• Add new tubes
• Attach document to each tube and visualize it.
• Create graphs (Va / Ia) with mouse as those in the datasheet. And this from an image extracted from the PDF datasheet.
• Add on these graphic an example of usage (load line, SE / PP, class A + B) and obtain the theoretical values ​​open loop distortion, pmax, gain, etc ...
• Move the operating point, load line and the deflection the mouse and see the effect on the settings, and search a working point for the point of theoretical minimum distortion.

Some videos for use in French: (Sorry for the french)

If you have questions about the usage or how to do something, please post here.
If you have any new proposals, please post here.

For all features that require datas modifications, you must be authenticated. You can create a local account or use authentication services like Google, Facebook, Twiteer or Github. These are services I don't have access to any password. Even for a local account, everything is encrypted.

Any changes to existing datas or new datas are stored in a clean table proper to the user, and can be merged in the global database only by an administrator after verifications. As long as the data are not in the global database, you must be authenticated to see your changes.

The original language of the site is English, but it is translatable into 45 languages ​​by a robot. So it may be that in a language other than English, the texts can be fun. You can make new texts proposal when clicking ctrl+alt+mouse left button on the text.

If you need to get tubes datas from another system, a web api is available:

I can add more API if needed.

Thanks for interest, sorry for english.


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Hello aardvarkash10.

Thanks for return. I have accessed to the website (hosted in switzerland) from a New Zeeland proxy and effectivelly I get some time out error. Welcome in the real life (for me). Il will revisit all my request timeout and republish until tomorrow a version that hope is working for you.

The best browser for the speed is chrome, If you get always an error tomorrow, please press F12 to open the chrome console and reload the page with the console opened. If you can read some erroRs in the console window, please send me a copy by mp. Thank you very much for your help.


You can do that, but in edition, and you need to be authenticated for that. You can also save your values/usages in your private area, and only you will see the changes.

Note that Firefox is very lagy in SVG and is better to use Chrome for this fonctionality (Move load lines, bias point and voltage limits)

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.