Transformer buzzing

Here's a pic. They all seem to be doing it.


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Many cheap Xformers have loosish plates, which resonate against each other, but I imagine yours are not cheap.

I cannot remember after 40 years if there are resulting forces between the coils and the core, but feel sure there are from instinct. Many are potted to prevent this and to keep moisture out. I've superglued the cheaper wall-wart types, squeezing the core plates together, but consideration needs to be given to temperature and flammability.

I take it that this is a class D power Amp?
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Probably wont be heard during use but the reason the amp was brought to me was specifically because of the buzzing coming from the power supply. I've found simply repositioning the wires remedied the buzz. I just want to make sure the noise doesnt indicate a problem with the function of the power supply.
There's no way for me to say that there is absolutely, 100% no problem but it's likely OK. Some transformers have loose windings that will make noise. Amps with regulated power supplies tend to be noisier than those that are unregulated.

The best option is just what you did. Applying anything to the windings will reduce their ability to cool.
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