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For Sale to US: Adcom GFA-7400 power amp - 5ch x 100WPC (2 available)

Things you have for sale.
Just a little food for thought on a potential use for these amps: using both of the GFA-7400 gives you 10 channels of amplification. This would be really great paired up with the MiniDSP Flex Eight or the soon to be released FLEX HT. Because of the high input impedance for each amp channel you can directly connect the same Fled output channel to 2 of the amp inputs without an issue.

That setup would be amazing for an active 4-way tower speaker with two woofers, e.g. WWMTM or WWMMT, etc.
I can offer a package deal of both amps plus a Behringer UMC1820 interface for a total of $800 plus shipping from 48864. That's $300 per amp plus only $200 for the UMC1820. I have been using the Behringer interface for computer DSP and it works great. You would be buying a 10 channel active system with DSP capabilities. Aweseome for a pair of floostanding speakers or mains plus subs.