Thor subwoofer any good?

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If I remember right, the Thor was used with DiPoles and theyre fast. I'm using a single 12" driver on Transform duty, however you say fast and high resolution speakers, which are?

Sealed, ported, shelf, horn are we talking single driver? Di pole, floor standing, Electrostatic?

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Personaly, I can't tell you, but I know someone could. Fill in the blanks and see who else replies.

Goodluck Joseph

I'm running a pair of COINCIDENT VICTORY II's. Looks like the speaker in the picture but without the side firing woofers. They are rated by manufacturer at 97db and an easy 10ohms. But they are probably more like 93-94db. They are very electrostatic sounding with very nice balance through range. Except below 50hz or so.

I was thinking of building a stereo pair of Thor's using an external amp to power them with the Behringer to send appropriate signal. What do you think? I've found few proven DIY subwoofers I could tackle that seem to fit the bill. I wonder if anyone has reverse engineered the Entec subwoofers of past that had 3 woofers in a box. Those were supposed to be awesome.



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I have built the Linkwitz Thor subwoofers. I will use them soon.

Modelling the EQ/XO with LTSpice found that the circuit will handle very well for music content above 20Hz. However, if there are music content below 20Hz even the volume is set at moderate level the opamps in the active EQ circuit will clip badly. The required gain of the opamps will well exceed what is permitted by the maximum rail voltages of opamps (18V).

I searched the forum and found that some CDs have music content right down to 6Hz.

I can't think of a way to get around this problem. I guess I will have to let the opamps clip in that situation. It shouldn't happen too often with normal music CDs. But what about movies? Do they go down lower than 20Hz?

Do you have a better solution? No discrete circuits please and let us stick to opamps with 18V max.

I presume that when the opamps clip (hopefully not continuously clipping which is the same as generating DC and eventually get overheated?) they don't cause trouble other than distorting the music. Let me know if otherwise.

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