Thinking about Pi 7 kit..

Sorry.. Not enough information for my post.
After listening to a set of Klipschorn corner speakers at a friends house I was blown away. After close to thirty years with my Martin Logan CLS I am ready for a change. I figure something more modern and was lead to Pi Speakers.
For 2k I can get a full kit of drivers fully optioned out with crossovers.
Anything else out there I should look into?


2008-06-17 11:58 pm
Go on the Pi forums and ask the man himself why not?
I'm slowly gathering bits for a 6pi build, I dont mind paying for stuff, but now the Eminence 290 horns gone out of production, WP's product is the only viable option - which means my government is going to skank me for import and vat :mad:
I trust Pispeakers to make quality kits. Theres not a awful lot of big 2 way speaker kits around,
the 7pi kit surely is at least great

If I had to build one big speaker kit, it would either be
diyhifisupply crescendo or the 4pi kits

but if you liked the klispshorns, why not buy one pair, they are not really more expensive then the pi kit right&
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I have the perfect room for them.
Anything else out there I should look at?

In that price range, used La Scala Industrials (e.g., Klipsch La Scala industrial splits speakers), in which the bass bin can be turned around to face the corner separate from the top hat, probably wouldn't have the midrange/tweeter horn/driver performance of the Seven Pi's, but I know the La Scalas image extremely well if set up in good corners. They're not pretty like the Seven Pi's. Here is a thread on bass bin modification by djk.

Used Khorns are about double the price of the used La Scala prices. Set up well, Khorns can sound very good at about $1500-$2000 used. They aren't as small as Seven Pi's but the horn-loaded bass is really very good.

I'd recommend going for the Seven Pi's if I could find some performance information on them.

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At huge risk of sounding like a stuck record.....
You might want to visit the Pi Speakers Forum, the links on the Pi Loudspeaker home page, there's masses of info including a bit of Pi history and the members are a decent bunch.

I have - can't find anything quantitative there. How about a link to test data? This is the only thing that I could find:

Seven Pi doesn't appear to be there.
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