The Transmission line with passive radiator

hi, i wondered if it would be possible to make a transmission line style box, with passive radiator as well. But the radiator would not be to adjust the resonance, but to increase the cone area.
Passive radiator at the end of the TL is the same as Mass Loaded TL, but it must be tuned to resonance to extend low range. There is no increasing cone area here!
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When I bought my Shahinians the PRsat the ends of the TLs were gone (2 per cabinet). I played them for a while and really liked the sound. When I replaced the PRs the low end was tighter but, I don’t think, any lower.

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This topic is a little late, but I learned more about transmission lines and passive radiators.

I'm currently thinking about passive radiator terminated transmission line box, as I think that a passive radiator may have some advantages instead of a vent in the termination, but I think a passive radiator can have lower SPL.