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Good evening. Such distinguished guests here at this fine pub, and what a coincidence that I got the thumb out of my *** and checked in. T & B & G & C and massa and all of my favvos at once. Almost too much. How have I been? Well pretty good thanks for asking, started doing all sorts of crazy stuff after sitting at home with my son for some years and than all this covid stuff. Suddenly wtf is that **** on my belly and whos are all those chins? Pondering on what to do about this unwanted trend, I finally came up with the idea while sitting on a rock in the forest smoking a fag. I will go up north, where I havent been since my father took me as a young teenager, hiking the wilderness of northern sweden. I had a goal, now the prep could begin (which was the general idea, I have to trick myself to change behaviour). Training Program! I walked and walked and my knees were inflamed, had to get a pt for advices, and trained a little smarter, and then off I went. Walked eight days on The Kings Trail with full pack and got to re-experience the enormous vast wilderness of the north once again. What a kick. So, after that i have lost around 30 kilograms, my knees are still bugging me doing the practice i like the most, running in the woods, so I had to mix that with cycling and outdoor gym to get my now needed doze of endorfines. Other than that, I have done a little reorg at home. I discovered when vacuuming that my speakers actually delivers bass, moving them some meters from the back wall. The back bounce nulled that b4 so now I have reversed the setup. Im so chatty today, sorry. What have you been up to?
It is fantastic!
The most impressive picture of a red sprite I've ever seen!
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Yes. And now for some heavyer ztuff. I broke my Moccamaster Classic Clubline glass can for the second time in only 16 years (moccamasters are indestructable). So, as instant coffe iz only survivable for max 24 hrs I quickly oversought (or googled as its called nowadays) my options. Ok, firm x delivers within 24 hrs if I pay 3 times extra on delivery. Done deal. Did they deliver? No. Next morning I crawled as a crackw***re to the nearest selling store, baught a new one full retail and crawled home. Now im fine, just trying to dodge that delivery guy thinking he can deliver express 4 days late. Hence, im at the pub. Cheers!