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it's sorta easy - just try to enjoy in every moment, even if doing worst drek chore or job or whatever

when you really embrace that as a habit, you'll see that 24h are simply more and longer than before

now, how to invoke/insert additional and arbitrary number of hours in one day, week, month .... that's Warping; I'm bad at that
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Isaac Asimov. "Nightfall"

It was Sunday seventeen years ago.
I could have done something then.
Just a specific question for my son:
Do you sad because of a girl or something like that?
Then maybe we could have discussed this.
This was his favourite song:
I only found out after his death.
However, the feeling was familiar to me at his age.
How could I forget, why didn't I remember, why didn't I ask him?
(Dil Laa liya be-parwa de naal)
So, maybe one word would have been save a life.
If one thinks that the pain diminishes as the years go by, one is very wrong.
Only death can end it.
Never try this at home.
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Hello Chaps!!! Someone mentioned to me that my company was being requested to find out how I have been doing. I went and checked my old postings and discovered that it has been a couple of years when I last posted. I have been busy trying to stay alive - and it has been a long and winding road. The good news is that I'm still on the road and still getting around.
Attached is a little photo of one of my little adventures in staying alive. I'm in the hospital in Nashville recovering from surgery. The good news is that they actually had good food to eat!!!


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Dear Thomas,
It is very nice to see you here!
(meaning, in the pub, not in the hospital)
But, where is your tinfoil hat?
And I don't see any beers before you?
They don't want to you to go home and climb up to the family tree again?
My very best wishes for you!
Kind regards,
Wacky Gyuri