The new "My Ref" Rev C thread

I have a pair of very large Maggie's. I did drive them with a lm3886 for a short time. Then got a hafler 9270 to drive them and liked that better. Then got another 9270 and used one per speaker and liked that even better. With only one amp total for stereo the amp (9270) would go into protection mode after some long and loud listening. So, the myRef will not handle the job very long but at lower volumes it'll do alright. LM3886 did not end up in perfection mode because it was obvious that trying to get loud sound sounded bad so it didn't get played loud.
During lockdown I have been revisiting a lot of old projects and improving them.I came across some partially built Myref C boards (version 1.1 2006 red board) and intend to finish them.

In the BOM it says that the capacitors C17 - C20 are not used. Should these places be bridged with wire. Thanks in advance. Rob
A couple more questions. I need to get 2 relays but am finding it difficult to work out what I need. Are they latching or non-latching, 12v or 24v and is there a name or package style for these? In relation to the Zener diodes, I have some 15v 1w. Could I use these in place of 12v ones?
Years ago I've made a BOM for TP boards:

My_Ref Ultimate Rev C BOM 2.0 - Google Sheets
I have nearly finished soldering all the components to my Russ White red 1.2 version (2006) I have looked at all the different threads which cover various versions of MyRef_C but can't find an answer.

Does the advice to leave out C17 - C20 apply to this version of the board?

The only version that have C17-C20 is the Russ White one.

So, yes, if you want to follow my version of the BOM you should leave those positions unpopulated. ;)
Well...about 14 years in the making...but it is now finished. Powered up with DBT. Bulb flashed and went off....both relays clicked and the LEDs lit up. Checked DC offset....around 1.7mv. Switched off and attached my phone as a source, switched on and listened buzz...pressed play on YT and listened to some nice sweet guitar courtesy of Dominic Miller.

Will be taking some pics soon, just a bit of tidying up to do and will run it for a few hours on the DBT before giving it the full fat mains.