The diyAudio build guides

Note that this is only for 120V input.
I did order the Connex SMPS300REh PS directly from Connex for 230V system and specified +-24V. The REh medel has an aluminium base plate that transfers the heat from rectifiers to whatever it is mounted on. Works really well with my F6, barely warm base plate.
I have the dual version of PO89ZB-like (have another name I cant remember) filter in front of a bank of caps.
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Is there a ACA mini build guide, or one in the works? I saw the photos in the ACA Mini thread, but this is my first solid state power amp build and I'm a little concerned about, among other things, correctly making the transistor/heat sink interface. USPS says my deliver is coming today, so I'll be putting aside some weekend time for building fun! Thanks in advance - love diyAudio and especially the Pass connection to it!
Am building the Nutube preamp with the complete kit. Step 42 - testing the power supply, I got almost 24volts. But at the diode, I am getting only about 8.95 volts? I did this check before adding all the other components. Anything I should correct? The instructions did not say what to do if I don't get 9.5v.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.
This request for help may remind you of an episode from "Car Talk" - the old PBS show, but here goes.... I completed the Nutube preamp, hooked it up and am getting very good clear sound from the left speaker only. The right speaker has a low volume sound like a motor running but no music. Would appreciate any help and advice. Thanks


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