The best midrange driver (cost no option) for 3-way

Looking for best midrange driver for 3-way diy project
it must be detailed and transparent
now i own Troelы Gravesen Cyclop
and around other speakers that i listend it has the best midrange

but :) it was my 10th diy project so i plan my own 3.5way

the idea for new project
2 x h1411 seas in two different TL
the midrange in spherical cab or like midrange cab in B&W diamond.
and the twitter is HIQUPHON OWII in cab like B&W diamond too.

but i cant decide which midrange to use
the m15ch002 like in mine current setup or something else
maybe the ATC sm75-150?
or even accuton C90-6-078

any suggestions are welcomed
I have good experience with the Visaton TI100 bright detailed sound.
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.


Visaton has a even better one the AL130 but that one is already to big for midrange IMO. For best sound do not bigger then a 4".

Usher seems to have very good bas mid drivers 6" from specs I never did hear them. And again quit big cone.
Hey cka3o4nuk!
I started out the same way, after reading this forum I concluded that Jordan JXR6 would be a very hi-end mid driver. You can only imagine how appalled I was to see that it was good enough for computer speakers at best... A couple years passed, I now have the accutons and the ATC and not sure what else there is to try. I mean, not to just try, but to be like, WORLDS BETTER!!!!
This perception of what sounds good and what doesn't seems also to vary from person to person.
So I afraid we all on our own in this quest for better sound.
I like the sound of plastic drivers, so maybe some kevlar scanspeaks? Some people speak highly of Audax aerogels. There's also a more expensive accuton c178, one person said that it's the best mid he ever heard.
Then there's PHL and AT drivers that I haven't heard yet.. Then there's magnepans and electrostats... Horns and altecs...
A esli potom budesh kak-to v kieve, mozhesh zaiti poslushat' akkuton i atc...
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What sort of room? What passband preferred? What sensitivity?

If these are not specified then I think you need to start with the overall system concept rather than a midrange driver (which may not even exist in any one of several optimal designs).
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Wow that looks nice!
Hey ScottG, any personal experience with that Neo10 thing?
Does it sound worlds better than accuton/atc/whatev?

Only the Neo 8, not the 10.

It *can* sound better than accuton/atc/at/etc..

This depends on the design/implementation and the partnering equipment, and particularly the amplifier and crossover.

There are 2 others on this thread using the 10:
Wow that looks nice!
Hey ScottG, any personal experience with that Neo10 thing?
Does it sound worlds better than accuton/atc/altec/whatev?

I've measured and listened to a dozen other drivers over the last year in consideration for my project. From 3" - 8", paper, metal, nomex, carbon fiber, bamboo. I like the Neo10s best of all for my tastes and my application.