Thagard/Pass colaborations

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Here is another project that Dr. Thagard had Mr. Pass consult on. It was published in Audio Equipment Authority in Jan. through Feb. of 95.

I have attached a PDF of the schematic for the CLASS A 100 Watt Amplifier section. I do have all three articles available, but thought I would start with this schematic to see if there is any interest.



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you are a celebrity to many of us.

No to get to sentimental, but I do consider Mr. pass to somewhat of an Icon myself. :)

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Shockley had achieved fame and distinction as the solid-state physicist who headed the three-man team which in 1948 at Bell Telephone Laboratories invented the transistor. For this revolutionary innovation, which was to transform the world, Shockley and his co-workers were awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize for Physics. Subsequently he became Physics Professor at Stanford University.

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Nelson Pass said:
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