Technics SL-M3 Turntable Opportunity

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Sooooo, I have an opportunity to buy a Prsitine Technics SL-M3 for $650 Canadian from a close friend who bought it in Europe when he worked at the military PX. Comes with a low hours AT cart installed plus an extra one that was never used (got it as a spare). The TT spent the better part of 15 years stored in a box (well packed) after he went completley digital. He also has over 150 very good condition albums, many of which are double pressings and collectable editions plus complete record cleaning kit with antistatic gun and record cleaner plus D4 solution that he will throw in for $150 extra. Good deal? This thing looks immaculate as he is a finicky owner (you should see his Nakamichi system with two mono-block PA-7 amps and CA-7 with B&W 801 - wow! Thoughts (see Youtube video link below the TT pic)?


YouTube link
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Just checked videos. They are uploaded on 2010 and 2012 respectively. take necessary precautions.

Thank you for noting Hiten. I was actually the one that went on the internet and posted links to the TT from vids that were already there just to show folks what it looks like in operation. This deal is with a very close friend and coworker of mine. I have been to his home several times and he has a fabulous monster Nakamich system with B&W 801 speakers. The TT was all packed up and largely forgotten when I was at his place last. I will be seeing the TT in the next day or so and he has offered to let me take it home and try it out before committing. If he says it is pristine, I have no doubt it is. My worry is that it has been sitting so long that lubricant may have congealed or pooled etc so it will need to be looked at closely to see that all spindle bearings/tracking etc are in good shape....
I used to sell this stuff way back in the day. Here is my rig that it will be hooking into:

At current rates here, this is about $461 US
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This looks like a good turntable with good specifications. Linear is an advantage if well made. See if it does not skip on well played record. playing little warped record will also show its capabilities.

Only negative points I see are P mount cartridge; but you already will be having a spare and other thing is price which I am not sure.

Nice Pioneer system you have there. :) I have soft corner for Pioneer. Our first system was Pioneer which my granddad gave to my dad. It served us 30 years. Right now I have Pioneer SA-6750 bought used. Which I guess is OK amplifier.
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Errr....tweeters should stay at ear-eight so a pair of 20 " stands might be appreciable.
Not commenting about equalizer :down:
But, more important: listening tests should be made with acoustical instruments not heavily compromised by mastering techniques

Have a closer look at my hand made stands in the videos. You will note they are canted back so that at my (seated) listening height level, the tweeters are projected slightly upward from being parrallel to the floor to meet my ears at precisely at the right angle for my listening position. I think you may be working on a paradigm whereby speakers are always assumed to be projecting sound parallell to floor level. My setup is a perfectly acceptable one for auditioning (for me).

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

Also, what music you choose should be based on "your" preference and what "you" are most famliar with rather than someone elses idea of what you should be listening to. Just as some see the child-like scribbling you see above as quality art :) Why would I listen to something I don't like (know also that I listened to well over 30 completely different tracks of all genres to get a good idea of the caps & lims of the TT). The selections I put forth herein are but a mere glimpse of what was actually listened to. I DJ/VJ a lot as a side business with pro gear not just home toys and nobody knows better than me that getting a large number of people to agree on what is good or bad music is an impossible task. Bottom line is I don't care what others thing of my choices for home listening. For public listening you have to be a little more diplomatic ;-)

If I had only one album to judge, this would be mine as I am intimately familiar with it:

Lastly, as a pro audio guy as well as recreational guy there are many different ways to treat and correct for room acoustics. Don't be too quick to judge on the use of an EQ because no doubt many of the albums you have come to listen to are corrected by EQ, compression, processing, multi-track stacking etc so this linear path stuff that closet audiophiles espouse is mostly a lot of cow manure. You can correct for room acoustics by shaping your room if you have lots of bucks but hands up for the married folks here as to how many wives will actually let them turn one of the primary rooms in your house to a true studio (not many? thought so - least my wife won't). Next best thing is use an EQ to compensate for bad room treatments like heavy rugs, bare walls, furnture placement and the like (get the picture?). Trust me when I say the (somewhat additive) minor level of THD added to the sound versus the correction of colouration added by the room is more than an adequate trade-off IMHO.
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