Legitimate seller?


2012-06-11 8:30 pm

I have no answer to my mail on [email protected]

tech-diy is still in business ?


Same thing here - I ordered a matched set of MOSFETs from them like two weeks ago and got a PayPal receipt, but no confirmation mail from Tech-DIY themselves. I sent them a mail yesterday, but haven't received a response yet. Has anyone ordered from them recently?

I'll report back if I hear something from them.

I just received a reply from Jack Walton at Tech-DIY saying he's in France at the moment (still within the edit time limit, no less!), so they're definitely still in business.
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GAS Son output requirements

Sorry Jack,
Was looking to establish possibilities before being specific.:eek:
The GAS118A/119A outputs. Also I have been reading that the driver pairs are also suspect of failures but my driver board is functioning at this time. I am looking for advice regarding the replacement of these devices that are not currently a problem but it would make sense then to replace them on both boards. Budget is an issue here, but fidelity is key.
Thanks for your help