TDA2030A Power Amplifier

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Recently I've built a TDA 2030A power amplifier. The sound quality is very good, solid bass, good mid and good high. But I'm facing a problem, it can't go loud enough. When I try to turn up the volume, the sound get distorted. Maybe the power isn't enough. Does anyone has an idea how to make it more powerful, other than bridge?
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Well, the TDA2030A seems to deliver 18W in 4ohm, so if your speakers are not very sensitive I guess you'll have to DIY yourself a more powerful amp. (Other than bridging :))

Apart from a gainclone you might consider a nice classA amp like the ones build over at the Passlabs forum.

I have seen circuits that utilise 2030 and the output power is helped with two power transistors, class B but the chip supplies the oomph at low volume settings, something like this

But dunno if it ruins sound quality and maybe it is just better use 3886 or 3785, or more efficient speaker. Maybe you could add a subwoofer with powerful amp to your system and get some stress off the mains speakers and more total loudness
You can always use it like audio driver with power transistors for more power.


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I have built a 4 channel power amplifier using TDA2030A

I have used a the same circuit as in the datasheet using singlesupply(figure 15 in the datasheet),I have also replaced the zobel network(a 1ohm resistor and 220mfd cap at the output) i guess that doesn't make any difference it seems to work fine .

For some reason i ignored the output protection diodes initially it worked fine but later it start oscillating and now
its not working,when i connect the supply(32V) IT draws a large current about1.2A and there is no output.

Are the output protection diodes really important?
Be careful with the TDA2030 - if I recall correctly, there is more than one version and they range from around 10W rms to 18W or more.

If you need more power there is a TDA2040 and (if you can find it) TDA2050. Both come in standard 5-pin TO-220 pentawatt packages and have better distortion figures than the 2030.
Yesterday I was having a listening session with some of my friends and I'm using the TDA2030A power amp to drive Sonus Faber Cremona, Cremona Auditor and Grand Piano. The result was very positive. They all said the power amp have very good sound stage, sweet , solid bass, detail, and a lot of positive comment. One weaknes is it can't drives the speaker loud enough. This is the only negative comment from my friends. One of my friend using a Conrad-Johnson amplifier and Dynaudio loudspeaker and he said that my power amplifier is very good, even can match with the Conrad-Johnson he is using. He likes it very much. ( They all don't know that my power amp is using only I.C to drive the speaker).
you're gonna need a bigger transformer to go louder otherwise it'll just clip at the suplly rails(NOT GOOD), I'm running two TDA2050's from a 15-0-15 transformer, rectified to +-22 volts but I regulated the voltage to +-19 volts, I haven't been able to drive the amp to max since I dont have big enough speakers but it is LOUD.

I want to try a 17-0-17 volt Transformer unregulated next but It's no use without big/good enough speakers.
Actually you do like this won't damaged your chip, but it will cut out the high frequency noise, the lager the value, the more high frequency will be cut. But remeber, don't use too large of the value for the capacitor, it will not only cut the noise, it also cut the good high frequency if the value of the capacitor is too large.
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