tape loop buffer for Zen Preamp

This buffer works very well for me:



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Slightly off the subject, but can I ask: Where do you find those higher- Idss parts in the US? I have looked while preparing to build a Pearl, and can only find the parts at Consolidated Electronics and MCM so far; and those are apparently the -GR (low) ones. Do you know where can I find the -BL or -V parts without going to Europe or Asia?

There was a previous thread that contained this discussion, but all sources mentioned were overseas relative to the US.

source for BL JFETs - good question; no idea!

I'd like to know myself. I've only been able to find the GR in the US. I was actually looking for some V, the highest Idss group. Toshiba hasn't been willing to give me samples :(

I have a few 2SK170BL and 2SJ74BL that I got from an old (but REALLY good - before the transport irreparably died) casette deck.

If you're looking for GR, you've found him...I'm right here.
I would like to hear of a good source for those devices, as it seems that the majority of the places selling them keeping popping up in Counterfeit? discussions. I would like to buy with a bit more confidence.
I'd say 10mA should do an admirable job. Actually, you could probably get by with less, but it never hurts to have more drive than you need. The converse, however, is a bummer.