Tang Band W3-1797 S flat diaphram 'full range'

Anyone used these? They are 3" and have a flat aluminium diaphram (and a horrible grill). It takes 50 w max but has just 1 mm xmax (seems a bit odd)

The plot shows a very gentle rise above 10khz which is ideal.

Here is an interesting design (japanese?) using the unit

Here it is on parts express

Tang Band W3-1797S 3" Neodymium Midrange Driver | Parts-Express.com

would love to hear more about them if anyone has experience- they get a good review in a speaker design costing $12,000 here http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/boenicke2/sls.html
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As a designated midrange driver, the 1mm Xmax should be plenty, as it shouldn't see any low frequencies. One of the reviewers on Parts Express didn't seem to know that.

The grille may help to control dispersion patterns (thus shaping the power response), but I'm not sure and could be wrong... I've heard of similar ideas being used before, that's all.

Zaph reviewed its larger brother favourably, all except for a resonance that, depending on how picky you are greatly limits its use as a full range.

If this is a result of the flat cone, then the little version probably has something similar too, although most likely at a higher frequency.

You can find his review on his blog.
If you look on the TB website both the W3 and the W4 have good looking frequency responses. The W4 has a slight impedance wobble at 2k which coincides with Zaph's measurements. The W3 has a wobble at about 3.2k which could indicate a similar resonance and HD peak issue similar to the W4.

TBs own graphs tend to be skewed towards making sales rather then absolute honesty.

4th order acoustic @ 200hz shouldn't be a problem, but if it has a similar HD peak you'd want to cross this driver steeply at about 1500hz to a capable tweeter. I'd buy with caution and be prepared to measure the thing before using it. If they were somewhat cheaper I'd buy one and measure it myself.

lol whats its function? apart from prodding fingers

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it is a lens.
look the dispersion,
here the W4

both ideal for my Mini Posaune and Kornett.
Bass down 34 Hz, bipol double horn.


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here in 10 000$ Loudspeakers and no aditional Tweet :D

6moons audio reviews: Boenicke Audio SLS

Hey all this is my first post here. I am supa exited about the future with this forum. I normally hang out at hieff asylum. And search here from time to time. I am a diy 3 watt tube amp horn and fullrange type of guy. These caught my eye. But mostly this review really opened my eyes towards different sound field dispersion solutions . I have to try some side firing mids or mid bass. Flat drivers interest me too. Surelly it has to be the future in audio. imagine listening to a set of speakers that sound like a tube set up with hi effeciency ss amps driving them. What a energy saving. Thanks all.:D
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yes it's the 3", and it does all things better than Coral (on the picture), except singing- there is this Coral unbeatable ;)

the best 3" Wideranger that I've heard,

but maybe this one can compete in overall sound
but not in HF and wide dispersion, with the flat-cones there is no beaming, and my whole room is one big soundstage- not just in front of me, really new dimensions! :D

The TB Flatcone plays all music well, but electro is his strenght :) and if you've heard some better Tang Bands, than you know that those have some unexplainable magic that is hard to describe- and it can't bee seen on graphs and measurments ;)

and another good thing- you can combine this flat TB with any kickbass- it integrates easily
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