Talk me out of it: 2-way active horn build

Critically damped ‘hifi’ drivers have a sensitivity curve that’s not linear with complex music…..they don’t come alive until higher output levels while their pro device alternatives reveal their efficiency early on. Again, from experience and outside of the camp where folks assume everything can be measured…….but yet no one has an answer for forum questions that come from members dealing with exact problem…….why does my speaker sound dead until?…or help choosing drivers that reveal detail at low volume.
recently i've read something opposite... that pro drivers are designed to work good at high levels,handle lots of power and have stiff suspensions therefore they dont come alive untill significiant power is delivered to them... so what is the ultimate consensus on this ?
To be fair, you all did an excellent job of trying to talk me out of it:


Found a pair of 2380a horns with 2445J drivers at a price I couldn't pass up. I did some rough measurements in REW and got things sounding acceptable. Still need to take proper measurements and iron a few things out, but the results so far are promising.
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Update: Snagged a pair of freshly reconed JBL 2226H woofers for a song and dance.

The question now is which horn/CD combo will I put on top. ~1000Hz crossover point. Considering:

1.4in: FaitalPro HF146R in LTH142
2in: B&C DE750TN in ME75
Used JBL 2446 in 2380A horn?
I have the HF140 on LTH142 and that combo is about as smooth and low distortion as it gets and goes fairly low 700hz but for my room I like a 90 degree horn.
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This is a 2440 driver with 2441 diaphragm on a 2380A, I made this measurement about six years ago. No EQ, no crossover - measurement range of 400Hz - 8kHz (No further details)

For EQ in those days I depressed the region between 1 - 3 kHz with a low Q notch filter, and used a mild HF shelf or nothing above 5kHz. Resist the temptation to over EQ. :D


This set up is long gone, replaced with TAD TD-4001 on Yuichi A-290 clone.

Some room treatment recommended even with the 2380A, check out absorber/diffusers from acoustimac. Frame them and WAF might be acceptable.

I use DSP for everything. (XO, delays, and EQ)
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