System Pictures & Description

open the second and third door from the right....and you get to the electronics....
power amps: 200W versoin of B&K ST140 home made. using 1200VA tranny, 60,000 uf caps, 3 pairs of output trans, etc...
sub amp: carver m1.0t
preamp: OP275, relay switching.
CD player: modified phonosophie
CD player: CD63KI
CD recorder: DR6000
tape: Pioneer CT93 (Dolby S)
eq (for tape only): ADC 325X with 3 programs for cars (mine, wife's, mom's), 1 for phones (HD 580 not in pic). Also used as pink noise source.

dream is to build EL34 PP amp for sat, use homebrew for dipole sub, and use carver for second corner loaded sub below 30Hz (make any sense)


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Open baffle Jordan JX92s + Supravox 285 GMF ; 1st order filter @ 300 hz

& close-up:

& backside:
Railway rail for weight & coolness

JLTi Amplifier + filter behind it:

Non-oversampling DAC, ~Nonoz II

Behringer Ultracurve 8024 + Philips CD850 (hardly used, mostly digital out from computer):
Ultracurve takes care of.. 1. driver problems, 2. efficiency difference-problem (Jordan 86 db, Supravox 97 db), 3. room influences, 4. Kuei Yang Wang target curves

Ceiling treatment (5.00 m x 0.60 m rockwool between cloth and ceiling):

Overall sound: very unveilling, good dynamics, nice neutral tonal balance


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2003-06-29 5:32 pm
Here's my system at the moment.. Which really does mean at the moment :D I often change or re-design somethin. No system can stay over couple of months unchanged :smash:

The amp is a water-cooled, a-class thing. Power five or six watts per channel. Components are soldered p2p. CD-player is a typical black box, Sony cdp-xe310.



And the amp drives these wonderful :rolleyes: Philips fullrangers.. they are 8" with that "lattice-work" chassis. Next thing I'll update is those side walls, they could be more thick.



For computer I use a pair of plastic TLs with Visaton frs-8 and a sub Monacor crb-200tcr in a 20L closed box. Old Hitachi amp for the pipes and Rotel ra-931 for the sub.


DIY 1.5" Oak Stands for my ASL Wave 20 Tube Monos..

DIY Sub 1.5 Ft^ with 50% Poly Fill, 500 Watt RMS Bob Carver
Sunfire TDC Plate amp (running off a 220V Line.. It's a Euro market
amp...) The driver is the Stryke Audio AV-12

The current crappy AV Rack which I need to replace when my DIY
rack is done.. Technics SLBD 22K TurnTable with Audio Technica
AT331LP Cartridge, Delphi SkyFi XM Satelite, Parasound Halo P3
PreAmp, Onkyo TX-DS787 7.1 THX Receiver, Onkyo M-282 2
Channel Power Amp, Antique Sound Labs Wave 20DT 20 Watt
Class A Push/Pull Monoblocks, Panasonic CV51 5 Disk CD,DVD,MP3


Future Projects?

Starting in a couple weeks I will be building my Line Array's that
use 12 7" Woven Fiber Mids and 12 Silver Flute Yag20 Kapton
Planar Ribbons per enclosure. After those are done I would like to
move up to dual sealed AV15's and run them off a Crown K2 amp.


2002-03-23 6:41 am
My humble entry

Here is my humble entry. I don't have a lot of high end electronic stuff. But I am happy with the sound.
15" Tempest Octagon sub
Front E&M speakers, E&M center channel (redisgned AR.diys)


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2002-03-23 6:41 am
Here are my components.

Outlaw 1050 receiver
Sony SACD player
Toshiba DVD player
Toshiba 32" flatscreen

Eventually hoping to get a projector for the big picture. The picture now just doesn't match the sound.


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