Switching power supply for phono pre

Interesting to hear that comment from RJM and Solidphono - as it complements what Mike Kontor (who made the 'Phantom Audio' phono stage 10 years ago) told me. He said he always used a much larger VA transformer for the (linear) PS powering the phono stage than what the current draw suggested - as this made the phono stage have better bass. So he used 150VA traffos! :)


PS Audio did the same with their phono pre's back in the 80's. The difference in bass-midbass intergrity was clearly audible.
Back to the topic.
Is there any off the shelf SMPS you can recommend?

I tried three different Meanwell SMPS with my Pass XO24-6 and although I loved that they were free of 50/100Hz hum they all spitted some dirt in the low kHz range. Some more, some less. Low level but audible with the ear close to the tweeter. Tried CRC filtering and lin. post reguators but no change. The cleanest signal I had when using a good old LM317 regulator directly with a classic transformer.
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