Switching amplifier.

Has any one ever built a switching amplifier. i have had this magazine with full details and pcb lay out of a 65watt full switching power amp stereo with power supply and all has any one ever heard of it or built one..

Might be some thing that i want to tackle..


if ya need the schematics and pcb layouts any one let me know also i have the full artical scanned please email me for them..
No, but my opinion is ...

No, but my opinion is that unless your approach is purely digital, it will not be performing all that well (because you will be adding a layer of D/A + AD which is uneccessary unless your source is analog).

Over on Yahoo, there is a Digital Amp forum. It is not very active, but the history may be useful.




2001-02-04 4:23 am
April 1st is a bad joke day. That amp had so many problems it would take hours to discuss even a few of them. Consider just three: 1)line operated supply with hot chassis and no transformer for isolation. 2)the author has you cutting the bottoms out of old tin cans for soldering on to some diode leads for heatsinking. 3)no anti-aliasing filters.
Here is the one that i am talking about.

Here is the pic


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Switching amplifier - cheap and dirty!

I've built a switchmode amp using a 556 (dual 555) cmos timer and a power mosfet output. It actually works quite well, but nowhere near the quality of a ZEN.

Set one section as an oscillator at whatever frequency. Run the output of that section to the trigger input of the other section. On the control voltage line of the second, run the analog input in here. The output of the second section goes to the FET.

Voila, a switchmode amp.

It is a cool little project. (I used it for preliminary research for high-efficiency subwoofer amp when I worked for a car audio company)