SVS pb10 cloned

I have laid my hands on a SVS PB10nsd woofer and the 300 Watts BASH amp
I also have found someone who has measered the TS parameters
some further info is the vent is about 34 cm long and 3 inch
in diameter
some calculations give a netto volume off 62 to 64 liters
someone ever cloned or rebuild this subwoofer, it will only be used for movies


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OK, thanks, but it still doesn't mean that Vas isn't wrong as BL now calcs around 10.88, which has a big effect on cab Vb.

Anyway, based on these specs a max BW alignment will be around 0.707*Fs with a ~ Vb = Vas EBS alignment, but due to the low Vas the vent will be excessively long, so a mass loaded reverse tapered TL (ML-TQWT) makes more sense to me. Corner loaded it should be solid into the teens, though its low Pe will keep it from getting to DD/DTS reference level if that's a performance goal.

Now if you can 'afford' a larger, ~81+ " tall cab and the T/S specs are close, a tapped horn sims an eyeball flattening ~125 dB with only ~140 W, but the trade-off is it's ~280.64 L + all the panel thicknesses, though if it can be laid down along a wall to fire into the corner it can be fairly small in cross section with only one bend 122+" long and of course more folds can be used to reduce its height if taking up a larger floorspace isn't a major issue:



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no warranty on seperate amp panel bought from Europian SVS

here goes the project, as the Pb10 amp panel is not working at all
just about 10 months old

I contacted L Sound and this is what they answered today :

I just got a message from SVS now. I just wanted to check if M-Pro had a different sales policy since we do not sell separate SVS parts to DIY projects I am afraid. Warranty doesn’t count on separate parts and M-Pro shouldn’t have sold you these parts. L-Sound do not sell any DIY parts to customers either. I am very sorry about this.

Please let me know if there are anything I can help you with but we can’t give you a new amplifier since there are no warranty on the amp plate itself. The amplifiers which all SVS dealers have are for replacements only when a customer have bought a whole subwoofer.