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I have been reading threads about your Tysen speaker and came across a post that suggested you were working on an SDX7/Alpair 7 combo. Did you ever finish that speaker as I am very interested in using an ALpair7 or 10.2 in this type of enclosure as my first speaker. Side note: Not knowing much about speakers, why have you chosen side firing woofers? THanks.
why the side firing woofer? Is it because it is crossed low and down low the woofer is firing into 4pi space and directivity is not an issue? Does adding a woofer and freeing up the Alpair from going low improve the response/sound of the Alpair because of reduced excursion? forgive me if these are not the right terms? I have followed many of your threads and need help as i am going to purchase one of the two Alpairs mentioned now that they are available.
If sealed and radiating into 4pi space, what is the need for attempted coaxial location, better phase coherence? Also, I read an article from Olsher saying that he did not like the idea of using drivers with different cone material. What is your opinion. I found this 8" Audax woofer with more efficient SPL response, Would it work as well as SDX7. Seems to have more even response curve as well.

The closer together all the sources, the better.

There probably is something to the common cone material idea, but, once tweeked, the SDX7 works really well.

I am sure that there are a lot of good mid-woofers that can serve the same role as the SDX7. I have some Silver Flute here as well to play with -- and the Mark Audio #6/EL166 works well in another project.

Thank you for the info and the time. One last question, between the 7 and 10.2 in this configuration, which will be able to play a greater range of music. Which would you choose from your experience. I know you havenmt played with the 10.2 much, but you have as good of an idea of its ability as anybody. I guess that was more than one question! :D

To implement these different shapes, does the driver circumference have to stay in proportion to the drawn sizes

The baffle scales up/down with decrease/increase in baffle & champher/roundover size.

What has been charted is but a small sample set of points in "baffle/box shape" space and define behavoiur at that point. Interpolation is required for more practical shapes.

Interpolation is required for more practical shapes.


You had to throw in a new twist, didn't you. I will be investigating this today. On the Tysen design, do i stand to gain anything by executing a dipole, or is it bipole, with the A7. I know i get increased SPL, but is their any other benefit? What is to be gained from a larger enclosure? Sorry about all the questions. I know you guys "in the know" probably get tired of answering them. The forum is so vast it is really time consuming trying to weed though everything.