Super regulator question

Remove IC30.

Where IC30 was - Pin 6 is your unregulated Pos Voltage and Pin 4 is unregulated Neg Voltage to feed your 18V SuperRegulator

To bring back the regulated voltage:
You should see 2 wire links about an inch long, close to where IC30 was.
The wire link that connects to where Pin 7 was - this is where your Pos voltage from the superReg will return.
The other wire link that goes to pin 5 is the Neg return.

Since you will be bringing back the voltage and the sense lines for each, and the pc board holes will probably not be big enough, you can attach both V and sense lines to the wire link.
Lift the side of the wire link closest to IC30.
Doing this will remove all the parts associated with the old reg out of the circuit
Cut the link just long enough to make a small loop with it.
Attach your return wires from the SR to the loop.

For your ground connection - you will see a trace that runs under where IC30 was. Follow it up to above where IC30 was and you should see an open Pad in between the 2 wire links to connect your grounds to.
You will only have to connect the SR ground output ( but both Pos and Neg )

If you ever need to return your unit to stock- you would just need to install new wire links and IC30
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I don't know if I included this:


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I left pins 5,6,8 alone. I modified the output sections to use a NE5534 and BUF634 as a composite amplifier. These replace IC130, IC230 which were LF356H (an old JFET opamp). FWUW, TI has subsequently introduced the BUF634 with BUF634A which is superior. I should probably use a better opamp than the 5534.

If you remove the two regulator chips, you can wire up as shown:


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Jasaab - First see which version of IC150A you have. Jackinnj has given you good wiring instructions for the version with individual regs for pos and neg.

See attachment which shows newer IC150A with IC30 handling both pos and neg regulation


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