Suggestions Dune Hd Base 3.0 Alternative Media Player


2011-02-23 3:51 pm
Hi. I'm using a Dune Base Hd 3.0 media player for watching media from a local hard drive, not concerned with net or external sources.

I'm running the Dune's analogue out into 3 Denon stereo amps to produce 5.1 sound.

What would be better than the Dune in terms of increased picture and sound quality.

My amps don't have hdmi input and are analogue only. But i do have an Audiolab m-dac, so could take the audio from coaxial or optical output,
send it to the m-dac, then from there to the amp. Haven't tried this, it is just a possibility.

Any suggestions for increased picture and sound quality would be appreciated.
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Bas Horneman

diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-04-03 12:03 am
The Netherlands
I have a Dune HD smart H1. I have optical digital out to my receiver for 5.1 sound. I'm not too bothered about cinema sound.

I doubt you'll get better picture soon...without throwing big bucks at whatever you're getting.

To get better stereo sound...I would suggest you do exactly what you yourself suggested. Digital out to your Audiolab DAC.


2011-02-23 3:51 pm
Okay, i'll look into setting the dac up within the next few days, i'm usually too busy on the weekends, and i'll give it a listen and see where i want to go from there.

1.What do you think of the dacs built into the dune's, are they decent, or would i notice a big audio difference if switching to the audiolab m-dac.

2. It sounds like the dune smart series hold promise, should i rule out the
mede8er med1000x3d all together, are there any other altenatives? Popcorn hour maybe?

3. The dune hd-tv series and hd-solo are newer models, i don't need tv, 3d video or 4k support, should i bother with these at all?

Many thanks