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Im in need of some ideas for a new subwoofer project. Currently i use a bkelectronics monolith driver in a 95l ported cab tuned to about 20hz, this is a very nice sounding subwoofer but i want to design something new and better.

What i have to work with is 2 monolith drivers and an undecided plate amp.

What im stuck on is a trying to design a good subwoofer that will ustilise the monolith drivers the best.

Specs of the drivers:

Impedance: 4 Ohms
Re: 3.7 Ohms
Le@1kHz: 1.30mH
Fs: 23.5Hz
Qms: 2.73
Qes: 0.416
Qts: 0.361
Vas: 61.6 L
Mms: 232g
Cms: 0.35 mm/N
Sd: 468.7 Cu Cms
Bl: 17.46 T-M
Xmax: 15mm

So any one got any ideas of what box or tube would be good for 2 of these drivers?


Check out the big tapped horn thread:

Anyway, with this driver it's not small by most folk's standards and of course with two it's somewhat larger, though not the 2x it would ideally be if sealed or ported:

14.14 - 112.98 Hz conic TH = 329.104 L net
14.14 - 112.98 Hz conic TH - dual = 451.112 L net

Compared to my mid '50s dual 15" ~566 L EBS 'subs' that peak out at ~109 dB/16 Hz corner loaded, the dual driver one is by far the size/performance winner, with so much dynamic headroom you can EQ it flat to ~12 Hz if corner loaded and still do DD/DTS reference with enough dynamic headroom above ~25 Hz to boost EQ as much 'slam' into it as you can stand if you want to assuming a suitable amp capable of driving them to Xmax. Short of downsizing, this could be the last sub you'll ever need. ;)



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