Stereophile Speaker Model

Melon Head

2006-11-10 10:14 am
Ok here is the link to the speaker load that stereophile use to test their amplifiers.
Stereophile: Home Page.

I am having trouble reproducing the same results of impedance and phase vs frequency that stereophile have published.

I have attached the spice results.
If there is anyone else familiar with LTSPICE that could check this out to confirm whether I have made a mistake or stereophile has made mistake, I would be very greatful.
Check Out the attachments


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That you cant the dumps and dips in the low area is very much related to the physical elements of portresonances ect ect...

for an electrical circuit model you can just build it in can model the drivers too.. by adding series resistance to coils..., but things like back EMF can't be accounted for...