Special 10 inch Mid-Bass request

only one driver needed. 2x at most but smaller
so center to center spacing smaller.
but vertical only

but of course
what is the fun in that.

Having a lot of speakers makes it visual pleasing.
and part of the fun.

but yet again needs to work and not cancel.
because trying to reach high SPL to win

that is the
challenge how to use a lot of speakers
but make it not just waste power from canceling.

arranging vertical is a start.
once too far apart filters are used, or mounting angle changed.

so yes possible 4 x 8" possible or 6x 8"
plus you need Horn for highs.

Depends on limitation of door size.
Far as I understand winner usually highest SPL

or sometimes combination of audience vote.
and SPL

So to win audience vote, most of that is many many speakers.
They see it, not so much hear it.
But seems real crowd pleaser is also what they dont hear.
they feel. Lots and lots of deep bass to shake ground.

As mentioned most money should go to subs.
4x15 or 6 x12
Crossover at 80 Hz so spacing can be very far apart
no problem.

once higher in frequency spacing cant be large or cancels.

so easier to follow traditional PA design.
or use few old tricks to make many drivers work.

horn driver usually 3000 Hz 3rd order filter.

So you have 80 Hz to 3000 Hz gap to fill.

Subwoofer follow traditional design.
Most power goes there. Be usual Dual Battery, Big alternator
to have high wattage amps.

Higher frequency still need high power, but much easier.
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The 4x10 argument has been going on forever, we have two bass players in the family who both use 4x10‘s and play outdoors alot, most of the time not even running through the pa……i’ve never heard any anomalies.
I can see how it technically happens and if you can calculate where, just low pass the inner 2 on each side at that point, saves alot of work not having to redo your setup (assuming thats your setup in the pic) in other words in each door the two outer vertical 10’s would do 80-1800 (random numbers) and the two inner vertical 10‘s would do 80-600 (or wherever the problem starts, if there is one) still get all that bottom goodness while alleviating the problem. What say ye white dragon?

hah……took me a minute to figure out where we went!
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Hmm, TTBOMK none of the concerts I've been to way back when used point source drivers unless horn loaded, but are at best ~5 octave devices, so 80 -3 kHz (5.3) is really 'stretching' it if not horn loaded, though assume if point source/prosound, then at high SPL, losses over distance smooths them somewhat. Or do they?
So let me understand, are you telling me that 2 10 inch woofers, close to each other, they are cancelling each other and maybe only one sound louder? The rule less is better? the box for the 4 10's will be large somewhat like 100cm (39 inch) tall 50cm (19 inch) and depth 18cm (7 inch) not exactly but similar to that. for the port i use 2 10cm (4 inch) reflex tube or maybe i can make a slot port, i'm not sure for now. So explain me what is the best thing i can do. If you telling me that's not gonna work properly with 4 10's i can choose different woofers, maybe i can put 10 or 12 6,5 tiny woofers close each other?