Special 10 inch Mid-Bass request

Good morning. First time writing here. I have a big big problem choosing a 10 inch midbass model and i explain you why. i need to put 4 10 inch midwoofer in a really really compact box (60 liter). it will be used as a portable box in some king of car audio application, with 2 compression drivers (faital pro hf108). The goal is a 2 way that can be as loud as possible. Someone can help me?
Assuming your running subs the Eminence Delta 10b would fit that perfectly wired parallel for a 4 ohm load looks like sealed the f3 would be around 150hz (ported closer to 100hz) with 1w 100db+ and 130db+ max (for the quad) , not sure how available Eminence is in Italy but B&C might have something comparable?
Thank you for the answer. What can be a possibile crossover point for that Delta 10b to the hf108 drivers? And yes, i have 2 15's for the low bass part. Another guys told me to take a look at faital pro 10pr310 and rcf mb10g251. I'm not very good with frequency graphs, can you please take a look at It?
It depends on your application (enclosed vehicle or open), which horn/waveguide, box configuration, etc…….
I’m not well versed in car audio but am very familiar with the Eminence Delta 10b, the Vb fits your application just about perfect, it crosses well @ 1200 to 1400hz which matches the lower limit of the hf108, but then the directivity of your horn needs to match (as close as possible) that of your 10” driver configuration @ the XO point.
So in other words the good folks here will need more detailed information on your setup and i’m afraid any more help from me would be speculation!
10HP1020 is Faital's most beastly 10"

most FaitalPro woofers have very flat FR and the responses across a given cone size in the product line are relatively consistent so you can choose a power rating/price point that suits you.
you could cross any of them to the HF108 at 1.3kHz according to manufacture specs but if you want maximum SPL (at expense of polar response and some woofer breakup sludge) you could go up to 2.0kHz
Ok i try to explain because my english Is not perfect. I want to build 2 separate box easy to install and remove from the back doors of my car, so when i use the car for everyday i can remove them and let them in my garage. And when i go at events i can put them on and obviously listen with people from behind the car. Probably ported configuration. For the low bass i have 2 pride sv3 15's on 8k rms, 5k 2ohm for the left door and another 5k for the right woofers. 4 8ohm mid-woofers Is perfect for that scenario in my opinion. I have the drivers hf108 and the horn Is STH100 from faital pro too. Now the question is only one. What is the loudest and best sounding? Later after work i take a look at the delta b 10's. Feel free to give suggestion. One last thing before i forget, 3 to 4 months from now i want to sell the subs and build a long throw cabinet with 2 b&c 18SW115. Thank you for every replay, very appreciated 😊
If your amp is 2ohm stable (and that is where you want to be) then the Delta 10a (8ohm) would be the one…..Delta 10b is 16ohm……again not sure of Eminence availability there, here in the U.S. its a good value and well built (Can take abuse)
just looked at your availability and it seems to be 200euro on avg ……..almost double markup, i‘d say you’d do much better local with faital, b&c, ciare…..
Every seller in europe has shortage of all eminence product, so i need to choose another one. Damn, that was a good speaker reading comments on different forums and reviews. B&C price is really too high, the 10NW76 was a good choice, but 300 euros a piece is too much. What do you think about RCF MB10G251? i find them at 120 euros, a well balanced price for me.
The t/s specs are quite comparable (almost the same) and the rcf actually has a better fr with a little more bass extension and a better roll off up top (less break up) If rcf is of decent reputation i’d go for it. (Is that a cast frame?)
I’d be worried about the amp though with 4 in parallel……looks like under 160hz it will drop a little under 2ohm, suppose you could cross it at around 180-200hz (12db) to the 15’s that would increase your clean spl, and cross to the tweeter around 1600-1800hz (also 12db) maybe even 18db xo would allow higher spl? are you using dsp for the xo? If so that leaves you with many options, do you have measuring equipment? It can be done by ear but you might go deaf in the process! :cool:


Yes sir, i have a helix 8 channel dsp. Rcf yes is a very popular pro audio in my country, same as faital pro. Anyway i think i go with the mb10g251, and with them i buy a umik-1 microphone, so i can learn step by step how to take measurement on REW 😅
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Is this your goal post?! :p


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A kind of. But softer.
As you can see, the car Is quickly closeable, so of it start raining for example i can close immediatly. And when i don't need the sound system, i can quickly remove the door boxes and the sub cabinet.


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Oh I get it, depends what frequency max SPL is based on.

Since the mid bass will easily be able to exceed the Sub max SPL.

So it would depend on that whatever frequency SPL is rated.

otherwise thermal rating for mid bass is useless number.
Since it will exceed the sub and the tweeters SPL before they blow.

for the show aspect, 4 drivers works visually for sure

RCF drivers are impressive actually, but could put more money into the subs.
Because I would guess super ground pounders.
Or very high Bass SPL would be the crowd pleaser

4 drivers mounted vertical and horizontal will just cancel
almost half the bandwith. Radiating into full space even worse.

4 drivers can work. the baffle would need to be splayed.
and the lower drivers filtered so they dont cancel the upper drivers
high end response.

otherwise most the power is canceling itself.
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off axis is moving side to side or horizontal
or up and down vertical.

most the audience is horizontal.

For Horizontal dispersion. Drivers are aligned vertical.

then depending on the driver size.
Center to Center spacing increases.

So if mounted vertical. Then cancelling of high end
is only vertical. Depending on center to center

By mounting horizontal and vertical.
Cancelation is vertical and horizontal.

most systems are vertical alignment.
for best Horizontal. or side to side.

to keep high frequency from canceling
the drivers are usually smaller.
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