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Hello guys! I have build many amps and I always get "extra" boards, caps,resistors,transistors,diodes etc,etc for spare. But I think I have too many now lol. Check the pictures and you will see that all these items are BRAND NEW.what you see is what you get. The list includes 2SA1943x6 2SC5200x6 all transistors are "MATCHED" and "ORIGINAL"even the ones on the B1 pass labs and the ones in the bags for the T300 boards. I will include all the info to build these amps, I build one and I love the sound. Take all for $120 included s/h in the USA.


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If jmillerdoc doesn't take these, i will be happy to take the lot if you can ship them to me in India (and the shipping is not prohibitively expensive)
EDIT: I would also take just the B1 boards with the (installed) transistors if someone else wants the T300 boards and the other transistors

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