Soundstream Rubicon 502

New to the forum, I discovered it trying to figure out what’s wrong with my rubicon 502. I’ve been using it for years and something just went on it I think. I’m not the best at repairs? I’m pretty good with a soldering iron but don’t have an oscilloscope or anything but figured maybe I could bring her back to life.

My best guess is it’s overheating and going into protection mode. Sometimes when I turn it on clip lights will light along with the power led but it will then shut itself off. Checked all my fuses and unplugged the negative from the speaker but no love. When it first happened it was really hot to the touch. I have not cracked it open yet but I’m guessing something went.. no smoke that I saw or burning smell.

I read some previous forums on diodes and caps failing but I’m not sure how to test.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help
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So I swapped batteries a few times cleaned contacts with crc226 rubbed probes together spun the bullet connectors and the reads fluctuated where I got as low as 5ohms all the way up to no reading. I usually use voltage and current, I don’t use resistance much.
I got it down to 1.4 but I was getting no reading then a reading and then I’d find a sweet spot and get a good reading but it was hard to replicate.. I am using energizers they only hold 9.40v charge where some batteries will hold more.. I’m not sure if that will affect things