SONY STR-V6 -classic?

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I've got my hands on an old Sony reciever; an STR-V6. I think it's a 1980 model. It is a massive 2*200W AB beast (must be over 20KG), with all the knobs, switches and meters and what have you on it. I have taken upon me the task of restoring it for a friend

I have replaced the speakerterminals and cleaned the interior. Now I am thinking of replacing the electrolytic capacitors.

1) The main capacitors I am going to replace for shure, but does anyone know if the smaller ones also has to be replaced? (220uF and thereabout)

2) MAIN QUESTION: Does anybody know where I can get a schematic/service manual of this amp?
-I have been searching and looking, but with no luck.

-I would be most grateful for any help!

Not sure why you would want to replace the big power supply caps. They are generally in good shape and don't need replacement. But the small ones in the signal circuits, etc., do need it. I have sent mine out for restoration, as well. Cap replacement, FH align and general tune-up/clean-up. DC offset on amp end, etc. Probably see it again with new cherry end panels in November.

I spoke with these folks a couple of days a go and they said they have the STR-V6 manual.

Closer to home you might try:

Mauritron Technical Services
8 Cherry Tree Rd., Chinnor
Oxon 0X9 4QY

At least that is what is stamped on one of the manuals I bought from the above website.

Let me know how it goes with your -V6. Really looking forward to getting mine back. Should be killer.

Shades of future past......definitely an older thread.

Anyway, all went well until the tuner started to be aligned. It had suffered from the 'China Syndrome' prior to my owning it (someone spilled a drink of some sort into it) and simply would not come in. The up-side of this is that the STR-V5/6/7 all use the same 5-gang tuner (and chassis and most other parts - main difference is in the power supply) mounted on the same board. Found a donor -V5 and swapped out the tuner board and all is fine. Since that time I've moved the STR-V6 on to another happy owner and am now just finishing up the TOTL STR-V7. Everything finished except the alignment.
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An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
Very Nice Pics!

Question: For those of us who are able to get ahold of a V6 or V7, what are items on the unit that should be checked/replaced when it goes into the shop?

I have owned a V4 since '79 and have just aquired a nice V6. My local stereo shop has said that they will do routine maintenance on it for $80.00. What should my expectations be of this service? What would be smart questions to ask of them?

How much of the restoration on the V6 did you do yourself and could you recommend someone as far as restorations go? I would like to get both of my Sony's made nice. Both are cosmetically in good shape and both play well. But the realist in me tells me that these things will need some service at some point.

Last but not least; Did you ever get the Cherry panels for your V6? How much and where from????

Anyway, the Sony Vx series receivers are fabulous! Something about these vintage rigs gets me so immersed in my music! I was listening to tunes at a friend's party and kept wondering why his receiver sounded so thin and lifeless. Oh well, Maybe it's been sick!!!
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Eighty dollars is not a lot of money - I wouldn't expect them to do more than clean the controls, and maybe replace a pilot lamp or two. In addition to this, the smaller electrolytics should be changed out, and that's a big time investment, assuming one has the replacement caps on hand. I have a couple of old Kenwood receivers sitting around waiting for the same treatment, one a 150 WPC monster.
Unless you have a "known good" local shop, I wouldn't waste my time/money with them. Most are terrible. Ususally get things back in worse shape than when they went in. I send my gear to several different tech's that have never failed me. The closest to you would be in TN, and he will be getting my STR-V7 next week for a tuner alignment, which takes special knowledge, skill and test gear. In my experience, very few tech's have this ability and gear, regardless of what they tell you.

I have a few vintage Sony receivers, with the STR-V7 being the newest. Their only weak point seems to be that the tuners need to be aligned. A good cleaning of the chassis and face and of all the switches and contacts with Deoxit is standard fare for all vintage gear. Setting the bias and offset (both are not always available) on the amp section. By-pass caps on the power supply filter caps is inexpensive and cheap. Replacing the same caps in the power supply and in the signal circuit is also good. I prefer Black Gates, but Panasonic FMs are good, as are a few others. But, I always leave the alignment of the tuner to the pro's.

The tech's I've had success with are:
Glenn(Echowars) - address removed at request of member (doesn't work on tuners/tubes).
Warren - wbendler at sbcglobal dot net (does everything).
Mike - hifitech at comcast dot net (has a website at Radio X - use google - does everything when not busy, but primarily tuners).
Terry - dewickt at esper dot com (does everything).

I know that there are others, but these are the ones I trust. I am willing to pay the shipping to have these gentlemen work on my gear. They stand behind their work with no questions ask and are very fair on pricing.
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I've got a V6 that I bought in 1978 and only used it for about a month or two before sending off to storage upon an assignment change. After retrieving it from storage (a few years later) and using it for a few weeks I noticed that the left channel would fade/drop out at lower volumnes. I never had time to deal with it and ended up storing it away for several moe years. Well, here it is 28 years later and I'd like to repair it.

Any advice on what might be the suspect component? A friend recommends replacing capacitors and I see above that some of you were looking at the same tatic.

I have access to O-scope and some other gear.

Thanks in advance - Mark
Would doubt that your STR-V6 needs 'repair'. Rather, it simply needs a good cleaning of all rotary and push-button switches, etc. Get a can of Deoxit and follow the directions. You will also want to check the DC offset and adjust. That has probably drifted over the years. But not a big deal to adjust if you have the service manual. Or, send it to Terry like we are doing and let him do three of the same. Maybe he'll give us a special rate.:D
Hi Mark,

I will leave the technical assistance to those much more mechanically inclined than myself but my freely disregarded advice is to send it in to a pro and let them restore it. That is unless you enjoy the "tinkering" process. I have just shipped my V6 off to Terry Dewickt for a complete overhaul/restoration and look forward to the moment when my teenagers say "Dad! pleeaasse turn your stereo down!" Turnabout is fair play!;)
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