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My posts are usually based on my Real Life experience rather than some untrustworthy garbage gleaned from the Internet! :rolleyes:

Thus it was I turned up to our very own new Southsea Art Cinema this afternoon. £3 for over 65's! Sounded good to me! I can afford that.

Southsea Cinema.jpg

Imagine how my Mood was Darkened by news that nobody else had bought a ticket! Show cancelled. TBH, i didn't really fancy the poetic Cyrano. But it was cheap!

Ever the optimist, I enquired of the manager, Ayse, what were the prospects of a later 7PM movie, "The Banshees of Inisherin", an Oscar-nominated Irish film. "Not Good", quoth she. "If I sell 3 tickets I will put it on, with Pizza included at £10.Provided everyone buys drinks too"

Anyway, Happy Ending. I rustled up 3 Arty Movie fans, and the show went on. Actually 5 people plus a trainee volunteer eventually turned up. Pizza was superb.

Happy with that. I feel I changed the World tonight, through sheer effort. Astonishing performance by Colin Farrell too. I hardly recognised him.

But a bit heavy, TBH. I much preferred the Gaelic Film last week:

My Mood is lightened. We are going again tomorrow. Much even lighter stuff. "Mrs. Harris goes to Paris". Can't wait!

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When I was at school I got bullied by another lad quite a bit.
After we left school he became a builder.
While working on a roof he fell off and broke both legs.

I went to work in a factory and again got bullied.
A few months later he died of cancer.

In around 2000 I met a woman who had two sons.
I got on with the woman fine but the youngest boy rebelled a lot.
When I came home I would fine the house or garden trashed by him and his mates.
It destroyed the relationship and we parted soon after.
I just heard today he recently died from covid.
Three years ago I started this thread by showing you guys my little buddy. The little buddy who has gone a long way to lightening my mood day after day. Well, tonight is his birthday, his 16th in fact. Tonight we are going to celebrate that milestone. Tonight he will be having steak and prawns. Not many dogs get to be his age and still have a good spirit about them. Today he tugged on his leash to make sure I came down the stairs in a hurry, as heaven forbid we might be late getting outside. It was a nice walk and as I type, I see him curled up under the desk next to his best friend.

Life can be very rewarding if you want it to be. It doesn't take much, and I think it has a lot to do with what you do with what you have. Tonight I have my best friend, my wife and a great meal coming up. That's all I need tonight.

Cheers everyone.


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