Something to lighten the mood

One of the biggest lessons in my life I learned when I moved out. All those things that were just always there, you actually have to buy.

Soap, toothpaste, salt and pepper, toilet paper, milk, matches, pot scrubbers, zip-loc bags...
It's worse than that, when a work colleague split up with his girlfriend, she took the washing up fairy with her !
Also plates of food stopped appearing in front of him at the same time....
Here's a pic of a woofer, Tip. She's a good dog, even though she appears with a ball when I'm listening to music.
A while ago I was looking through some gadgets on Amazon ( my principle source of speaker drivers and DAC/amp boards ) and found a device for picking up bluetooth and transmitting FM; a useful device in older cars, however it got me thinking - first the sound waves are converted to electrical waves, then converted to digital, then onto a disc, then onto a computer, then the computer will possible convert it to a different format, then bluetoothed to my phone, then filed, then bluetoothed to this device, then converted to FM, then transmitted, then picked up and converted into an audio signal, then amplified, then converted into sound waves. It's a wonder that anything of the original performance is left after all that.


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2007-10-10 5:21 pm
Your data (any of it) makes just as many jumps over the internet en route from the originating source to your desktop. It’s a wonder more data isn’t irrecoverably lost, corrupted, and that more (than already is) isn’t intercepted and criminally misused. The volume bring handled on an instantaneous basis boggles the mind - I wouldn’t worry about a few audio files. But make copies, lots of copies, anyway.
Soap, toothpaste, salt and pepper, toilet paper, milk, matches, pot scrubbers, zip-loc bags...
Hmm. That sounds like my "Stuff you must pack when you go camping" list. :)

It's been unusually cold for this part of BC, with freezing fog that chills you to the bone. A warm hat is almost mandatory when you go outdoors for a walk, especially if male pattern baldness has had its way with you. How about a nice soft self-heated "cat hat"?



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So I fancied a couple of builders tea and I ran out of teabags but low and behold I had a new box ready to go and not just any box but the best tea of teas. Yorkshire gold. Then I discovered I had no milk and I remember that in some recipes cream can be replaced by yoghurt and as we all know cream is just a kind of thick milk so why not yoghurt instead of milk. Well I was happy to see that once The spoonful of yoghurt was well stirred in it formed the perfect golden coloured tea. Trouble is it didn’t last and it soon produced a curdled tea. And the curdles kind of formed a cloud which sank down to the bottom of the cup so I was really just drinking plain tea only I couldn’t drink more than the first half. If there’s a lesson here, it is always keep milk in the fridge.