shielded vs. non-shielded

The shielding itself is not the issue. Typical shielded cords like guitar cords have teeny tiny inner conductors which are way to small to handle the current going to the speaker. That is why you shouldn't use the shielded cords.

For speakers you need to use a speaker cord. You can make a perfectly good speaker cord with zip wire if it is heavy enough. 16ga is heavy enough to go from a head to a guitar speaker cab.
#16 wire is fine for short speaker cords (less than 10'). For longer runs, 14/2 rubber cord works well. I would not use Radio Shack plugs or jacks, they are not very well made. Use either Switchcraft or Neutrik. They're a little more expensive, but won't fall apart after a little use.


2005-06-28 8:39 pm
I bought a 1/4 plug and found a lampcord. The only problem is that the plug only had a post for what I believe is the positive. It wasw surrounded by red cardboard. I think the other wire is just supposed to be soldered to the case. I took a picture for you guys to look at. Let me know.


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