Salas SSLV1.3 UltraBiB shunt regulator

As you know, I already made several ubib sources and they are wonderful, the sound of the dac improved a lot and I am very satisfied, the consumption of each channel of the dac is only 70mA and I put one ubib for each one, the noise levels are very good, much better than with other types of sources that I had experienced. But it is true that when I did tests with ubib with larger currents the noise was worse.
But for other applications with more current needs of 3A or more, I'm interested in L-adapter, I don't care that it has worse noise than ubib.

I have already seen the L-adapter schematic, I see something simple, a ccs with led voltage reference and an "outboard" transistor to add current. Do you think it will be better for noise than a commercial three-terminal regulator?

For this circuit, LEDs blue is good for reference voltage, or is better standar LEDs green or red?
Heat sink is just a little warm, just finished it, will be powering Pete Millet's 6P1 Buffer/Pre.


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