RIP Patrick Turner

That is devastating news, I'm scunnered. I'm late in posting,just saw his name out of the corner of my eye.

Patrick helped me out with amp builds via email. He was a typical Ozzie, forthright but immensely kind hearted. I emailed him out of the blue, he responded straight away in his inimical style. His site is an invaluable resource for valve amp builders, I have some articles copied, but not all, after his site crashed a year or so back, but I'm missing some schematics etc. Best go and save the lot.

What a sad loss for the valve amp building community. Look up any arcane valve amp subject and you'll find old forum posts made by Patrick from years ago. I didn't agree with all he wrote, all engineers and designers get stuck on favourite methods or ideas even if they're not 100% correct and his prose can be a little hard to follow sometimes, but he certainly delved very deep into valve amp design.

Fair play to Patrick, he shared his knowledge and his passions, I shall miss him even though I didn't know him well. Condolences to his family and friends.

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I read his cancer story and it comes up as heavy gauge warning to anyone over 50.

The sheer honesty of the man, is quite startling to read, as it's clear over a period of more than a decade, he's slowly dying.
Someone who cycled as far as he did, then recovered from a knee op as big as that with such courage, and wrote such excellent material deserves to be remembered.

Let's hope he listened to Richard Strauss Tod und Verklarung before he died.
Very sad news. RIP Mr. Turner.

I emailed him about something; some daft valve-related query, 20-odd years' ago, and received a very rapid, lucid explanation, and we exchanged an email or two regarding.

He was a very decent man, and knew his stuff, and some. R.I.P

(Sorry, my reply is rather late, I've not checked-in here for a while, due to my own family matters)
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Tried to have a look a Patrick's site today, it's gone, I guess his executors no longer wanted to pay the host,which I can understand but is a big loss to those of us building valve amps and needing info. I managed to upload a few of his articles and all his diagrams/pictures but not his whole site. Has anyone got a download of his sites contents please? If so could you drop me a PM please.

The WayBack Machine link is useful, but new enthusiasts coming along will no longer see this resource when they are searching for answers. That is tragic, in my view, and it would be wonderful if could be moved to another site where it would be kept alive. I mentioned in an earlier post that somewhere like DiyAudio would be a perfect place for it. This is not the only site which has been built up over many years and could potentially be lost.